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Where can I see who’s checked in, who’s working, or check someone out?

To see timesheets that require actions on the Dashboard tab, look under Pending Items. Here you’ll see workers that need to be checked in, checked out, timesheets to approve, and workers to rate. 

If workers haven’t checked in on their own, they’ll appear in Timesheets under Not Checked In, with the count. Here you can check the worker in, or confirm they were a no show.

If you need to adjust the check in/out time, click on the pencil icon. You can change the times accordingly. 

Once workers have checked in for the job and are actively working, you’ll see them under the Working tab. Clicking on the worker will open their profile to the right, where you can chat, type notes, mark as a no show, or check them out early. 

Once the workers check in time is approved, and you need to approve the check out time, the workers will appear under Pending. If you no longer want a worker on your booking, you can dismiss them here.


Once you approve the workers checkout time, they’ll move to the approved tab, where you can rate and provide skill tags for them.

To learn more about rating workers, click here.

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