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Where can I see how many workers are matched and booked for a job?

After you create a booking, you can always see how many workers matched and have booked your job, under the Dashboard tab. You’ll see how many workers are still needed, the total workers in your area matched to the job and the number of workers that booked the job. To get a better look at your matched workers, click the yellow number.


You can check out all of your matched workers, for each role. Click Profile to get a better look at their work history, ratings, resume, etc. If they seem like a great fit you can like their profile, or if you don’t want them on the job you can reject them.

To see the workers that already booked the job, click on the booked bar, on the right.

You can view profiles, chat, or if they aren’t a good fit, release them. To see what shifts they booked, click on the Planned shifts tab.

To get a full view of workers that are matched to, or booked to any shift within your booking, head to the Workforce tab.

To learn more about “liking” and “rejecting” workers, click here.

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