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What happens if a worker is a no-show?

Once your job has started, if a worker has not checked in for the shift, you’ll see them in the Not Checked In tab, in Timesheets. If the worker is present, and did not check in on their app, you can check them in manually here. If the worker is a no-show, click Confirm no show.

If a worker checks in on their app, but they did not actually show up, you can mark them as a “no-show” in the Pending tab.

You’ll be asked to let us know what type of “no-show” this worker was. If they called ahead, had an emergency, etc., you can mark them as “Excused” and they will not receive any penalties. If the worker did not communicate with you, and did not show, mark them as “Not Excused.” 

If you want to block this worker from booking any of your future jobs, you can “blocklist” them here. 

If you want to remove this worker from all shifts on this job, you can dismiss them. Once you select dismiss, let us know if you want to find a replacement for this worker, or if no replacement is needed. 


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