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What does “liking” and “rejecting” workers mean?

When you create a booking, workers instantly match to the job. We believe you should have a say in who’s on your job, so we give you the option to “like” and “reject” workers. You can check out your “matched” workers in the Workforce tab. 

Once you click on their profile you’ll see their work history, ratings, resume, etc. If you see someone you want on the job, you can “like” their profile. The worker will be notified immediately and can book the job if they’re interested. If you see someone who doesn’t fit the bill, you can “reject” them. They’ll no longer be able to book your job.

You don’t have to like or reject workers to fill your job. These features are more of a nice to have if you want to use them. We’re confident in our workers, so feel free to sit back, relax, and watch your booking fill on its own.

To learn more about workers profiles, and all you can see, click here

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