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What does “blocklisting” a worker mean?

Blocklisting a worker will remove them from any jobs they are on, and no longer allow them to match with and book any upcoming jobs you post. 

You can blocklist a worker when you’re approving timesheets. Once you have workers to rate in the Approved tab of Timesheets, click Dismiss.

Select Blocklist and Dismiss, then select if you’d like to find a replacement for the worker you’re blocklisting. If no replacement is needed that’s ok, too. If you select Find a Replacement worker will be notified that there was an opening for this job, and they can now book it, if they want to.

To see your blocklisted workers, go to the Workforce tab, and click Blocklisted. If you want to unblock a worker, simply click on the lock and they’ll be able to book your jobs again. 

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