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What can I change after a booking is live?

If you need to make changes to a booking after it is live, go to the Bookings tab, and locate the booking under Current Bookings. Click Booking Summary to show the details. 

To edit the booking, click the pencil icon next to Booking Summary.

You can edit the booking title by clicking the pencil icon. Once the title is changed, click Save. Keep in mind, the workers will now see the updated booking title in their app.

You can add more roles to the booking by clicking on the green plus mark, Add Roles. You then select the roles you want to add, input the shift details, choose the pay/bill rate, enter the job details, and then click Save Roles.

To edit the job description of the booking, click the pencil icon next to the experience level and role. Once the edits are made, click Save and the job description will update here, and also in the worker app.

The bill rate can be increased, but not decreased, by clicking the pencil icon. Pro tip: This is a great way to get those last minute bookings filled. When you increase the bill rate, workers will see an increase in pay rate, and may be more inclined to book the job.

The headcount needed can be increased, but not decreased. If you need more workers for a job, just click the + and click Save. Keep in mind, you can not go back and decrease the headcount, and increasing will let workers that reserved your job know that more openings are available.

If you need to cancel a booking, click the red trash can icon, Cancel booking.

Your booking will not be cancelled at this time. You can request to cancel it by clicking the Request Cancellation button. You should also immediately call our Client Success Rep at 569-608-8707, so that we can confirm this cancellation and let workers know.


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