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What are good examples of job descriptions, booking titles, dress code, etc.?

When you create a booking, the following details are available to the worker in their app: Booking title, job description, dress code, and why is this an amazing job. It is important to input these fields with detailed and enticing information, so the worker has a clear understanding of the job and is excited to book it.

Job description best practices – Include as much detail as possible. Let the worker know an idea of the tasks and responsibilities your booking includes. If the worker will be lifting heavy objects, or standing for long periods of time, give them a heads up.

Below are examples to follow for Event Staff, Housekeeper, and Server details in a booking.


Event Staff

Job description: You’ll get to work the coolest event at Cat Creek Amphitheater, Summer Shandy Fest. You’ll help set up tables and chairs at the venue before the concert starts, greet attendees as they arrive, and answer general questions they have. You’ll assist in keeping the venue clean, keeping water stations full, and with other small tasks.

Dress code: Please wear long, dark pants, without any rips or tears. We will provide you with an event staff shirt and hat when you arrive, along with a radio. Shoes should be closed toe and comfortable to walk around in. You may want to bring sunglasses!

Why is this an amazing job: You’ll be working up close with some of the best rock bands around. You’ll hear great music and work in an upbeat environment, while making money. We will also have snacks and drinks available when you are on break.

Booking title: Summer Shandy Festival


Job description: You’ll work at the Manor Hotel, cleaning hotel rooms after guests check out, restock the towels and toiletries, stripping the beds, washing and drying linens in commercial grade machines, and stocking the mini bar and snacks. Paid training will be provided your first day, where we’ll show you all of the supplies and the little tricks, like decorative towel folding. All materials and supplies will be provided for you, no need to bring anything.

Dress code: Please wear solid black, long pants, without rips and tears. You can wear a solid white or red shirt, without any text or logos on it. Please wear comfortable, closed toe shoes. Hair should be pulled back, out of your face.

Why is this an amazing job: This job has a consistent schedule of MWF, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. If you’re wanting something ongoing and rigid, this gig is for you. There’s also an opportunity to be promoted to shift lead, after working 10 shifts and performing well.

Booking title: Manor Hotel Housekeeper


Job description: You’ll be working at a neat craft brewery called Bronx Beers. You’ll greet guests when they sit down, take alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink orders, along with food orders. You’ll work closely with our bartenders and brewmasters to offer suggestions and be well versed on the different types of beer available.

Dress code: You can wear denim shorts or pants, with a belt. Shoes should be closed toe and comfortable to walk in. We’ll give you a Bronx Beers t-shirt to wear, along with a name tag. You can wear sunglasses if you want to, when working outside.

Why is this an amazing job: You’ll learn all about craft beer and help taste our new beers, if you would like to. You’ll get 1 free meal from the kitchen, each shift. If you enjoy working here and learning about our beers, you may qualify for a bartending role we will need in the future.

Booking title: Bronx Beers – Server at Brewery

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