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Increase pay rates to make your booking stand out

The easiest way to avoid no-shows and fill your booking the quickest is to offer competitive pay rates workers can’t resist. 

Adia workers match to multiple jobs at a time, and their primary factor for booking is pay. Consider increasing your rate to be competitive with other jobs they’re viewing. We’ll let them know it increased, they’ll go give it a second glance.

Motivate your booked workers to show up with a pay they can’t resist. Workers know if they no-show to a job, they’re removed from the platform, but it can still happen. They’ll be grateful for the increase and ready to tackle the job. 

Updating the pay rate is simple, here’s how:

Login to your Adia account and head to the Bookings tab, locate your booking and click Booking Summary.

Next, click the pencil icon next to Booking Summary to enter “edit mode.”

You’ll find the bill rate under the experience level and role. To adjust the bill rate, click the pencil icon.

Once you decide on an updated pay rate,  multiply that number by 1.55 for the bill rate. Ex: I want to increase workers pay rate to $16.50/hr.
16.50 x 1.55 = 25.57
Enter $25.57 as the new bill rate, click Update, then Save.

That’s all there is to it! To learn more about what you can edit after a booking is live, click here.


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