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Add dress code and important details

Bookings should have great job descriptions and on-site details that let workers know exactly what to expect. This helps people feel comfortable showing up for the first shift and prepared to get the job done.

Our job description and dress code templates are great tools to use for examples, but if you used one, make sure the details match what workers will actually be doing and what they need to wear.

Additionally, workers can spot when a template is continuously used and are more inclined to read job descriptions that are fresh and exciting. Even if the job isn’t glamorous, you can up-sell it by the environment they’re working in, great shift leads/trainers, perks or discounts they could receive, etc. Check out ways to spice up your descriptions here.

Want to make changes? Here’s how:

Login to your Adia account and head to the Bookings tab, locate your booking and click Booking Summary.

Next, click the pencil icon next to Booking Summary to enter “edit mode.” You can update the on-site details and job description here.

Booking title 

Booking titles should be informative, but catchy if possible. Workers see the role, pay rate, and booking title first, then if interested they read the full description. Give them a title that makes them want to book your job. To edit the booking title, just click the pencil icon, enter a new title, and click Save.

Job description & dress code

Provide workers with details that are exciting, informative, and persuade them to book your job over other available options. If you used a role template, update the language so it isn’t repetitive to other businesses using them. Give them a full idea of what to expect – if they will receive training, what the environment is like, any perks associated with the job, possibility to be promoted to a shift lead position, etc. Let workers know if specific dress is required, belts, types of shoes, etc. If you provide them with any clothing, let them know.

Think about your first day on any job, when you feel prepared and excited, you’re much more inclined to show up ready to tackle the job. Informed workers are less nervous and much more dependable.

To edit the description and dress code, click the pencil icon by Booking Summary, then the pencil icon by Description. Below is an example of a good job description and dress code:

On-site details 

Once workers book the job, and RSVP letting us know they’ll be there, we send them the on-site details. It’s important to include the correct contact name and number, in case workers need to get in touch or have questions the day of. Adding additional details makes workers feel comfortable heading to work, especially to a location they haven’t been to before. You can include where to park, any close by landmarks, where to meet you, etc. See

To edit on-site details, click the pencil icon by Booking Summary, and click on Edit on-site details. Below is an example of descriptive on-site details:

Once all details are reviewed and updated, click Save on the Booking Summary page. To learn more about great examples of booking details, click here.

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