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Split up shifts to attract more available workers

If your booking is ongoing for multiple days/weeks, and you don’t need the exact same people every day, consider splitting your booking into several groups of shifts (morning or evening, weekdays or weekend, daily shifts, grouped days of shifts). 

The majority of our worker pool is looking for something flexible and may not be able to commit to long ongoing bookings, due to unavailability on weekends, certain days or time frames, etc. By splitting shifts your booking matches to more workers, with diverse availability. Your attendance rate will increase and workers will book only the shifts they’re available for. 

For this example, we will be splitting shifts by week days and weekends, but feel free to split shifts according to your own needs and preferences.

Here’s how to create a booking with multiple shifts:
First, enter the venue address and select the role needed. Then for the first group of shifts, select the start and end date. For this example, Monday – Friday is selected. Enter the remaining details and click Add

For the next group of shifts, type in and select the role again

For this example, the second group of shifts are for Saturday and Sunday, to increase availability and also match to workers only looking for weekend jobs. Enter the remaining shift details, then click Add.

To continue breaking up shifts, repeat the steps above. Select the role needed, group shifts according to preferences, enter details, click Add. Repeat until shifts are broken up as desired. You’ll continue to see the role name, with a count for each group of shifts (Ex: Event Staff, Event Staff 2, Event Staff 3….). When you’re ready to move forward to the next step, click Add Headcount.

If your current live booking is ongoing and you would like to split your shifts, you’ll need to request a cancellation and create a new booking. To do this, head to the Bookings tab, locate the booking, and click the edit icon by Booking Summary.

Click the pencil icon next to Booking Summary, then click Cancel booking.

Next, click Request Cancellation. Your booking is not cancelled at this time, a request has been submitted. Give our Client Success Team a call at 469-608-8707 for further assistance.

After speaking to our success team, we can cancel the booking, letting workers know this was to split shifts and give them more shifts to choose from.

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