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Like workers you want on the job

Workers automatically match to you booking as soon as it’s live. Get a feel for who could book your job, check out their past work experience, ratings, resumes and more.

If someone looks like a great fit, you can “like” their profile, letting them know you want them on your job. Workers are 75% more likely to book jobs they are liked for. To prevent someone from booking the job, simply “reject” them. To learn more about grooming your workforce, click here. 

The best part about Adia is transparency. There’s no awkward guessing of who will show up for the first shift. As soon as your booking is live, you’ll see all the workers that matched to the gig, and you can also follow who books it. You’re in the loop the whole time.

Here’s how to check out your workforce and “like” matched workers: 

Head to the Bookings tab, locate your booking, and click the yellow matched count.

Check out all of the workers that matched to your booking. Click the profile button to get a full view of their ratings, skill tags, past work experience, resume, and more.

When you find workers that seem like a great fit for the job, click “like.” The worker will be notified that you want them on the job, and they’re 75% more likely to book it. If you see workers that you do not want for your booking, simply “reject” them and they will no longer be able to book.

To learn more about liking and rejecting, click here

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