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How should I mark no-show workers?

If a worker is a “no-show,” there are several actions you can take. First, you’ll see the worker not checked in, with the option to click Confirm no-show.

Next, you’ll be asked to explain what type of “no-show” the worker was. If the worker contacted you, letting you know they would not make it to the job, mark them as Excused and they will not be penalized. If the worker didn’t call ahead, and didn’t show up for the job, mark them as Not Excused.

If you mark the worker as Not Excused, you can also dismiss them from the job. This will remove them from any shifts left on the booking. You can choose to find a replacement for this worker, and someone else can fill their spot, or you can select no replacement needed.

If you mark the worker as “Not Excused,” and you do not want them to be able to book any of your future bookings, you can Blocklist them.

Once a worker is blocklisted, they will appear under “Blocklisted” in your Workforce tab. If you change your mind and want them to be able to book your jobs again, you can unblock them.

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