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How does Adia prevent a no-show?

When workers are hired by Adia, they are informed of our no-show policy and taught how to cancel if they no longer can make the job, RSVP to confirm they will be there, and how to chat with Adia Community Support Reps and the business in case of emergency. 

Adia also has a “Waitlist” feature for workers. If a job is full, workers can join a waitlist, and be the first to know if a job opens up. If one of your booked workers cancels last minute, their spot opens up and other workers can book it. 

Our team is diligent with communicating with workers, whether that be before, during, or after the job. If we can’t communicate with them, and they no-show to the job, their profile will be deactivated and they will no longer be able to use the Adia platform. 


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