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How do I see a worker’s profile?

Once you create a booking, you can see profiles for both your matched workers and booked workers. 

Matched Worker Profiles 

To see your matched workers’ profiles, go to the Dashboard tab, and on the tile, you’ll see the count of matched workers. Once you click on the number, you’ll see the expanded list. 

If you want to learn more about a worker, click on the Profile button. You’ll see their overall rating, number of hours worked, and a resume and profile video, if they have one uploaded. You can see their work history and ratings – showing the businesses they’ve worked for, dates and roles, individual ratings, and skill tags.

You can also see your matched workers by going to the Workforce tab and clicking on Matched

If you are impressed by a worker’s profile, you can Like them, letting them know you want them on your job. If you don’t want a worker to book your job, you can Reject them.

Booked Worker Profiles 

Once workers book your job, you can find them from both the Dashboard and Workforce tab. 

From the Dashboard, you can click on the number of booked workers to see the full list. You can see each date and shift, with the count of workers, and the worker profiles underneath.

You can also see booked workers by clicking the Workforce tab and Booked. This will show you all booked workers, for all of your current and upcoming bookings.


To look at a workers profile, click the Profile button. You will see their planned shift dates, times, and roles, for your booking. You can view their work history, ratings, skill tags, and previously worked roles under the Work history and Rating tabs. 

If you don’t want this worker on the job, use the yellow rocket ship button to “Release” them, and they’ll be notified that they’re no longer needed. You can also use the chat icon to message the worker.


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