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How do I save a booking as a draft?

You may know you have an upcoming booking you’ll need workers for, but not know all of the details needed to post it. The draft booking feature will be handy. Here’s how to save a booking as a draft:

After you start creating a booking, you can click anywhere outside of the booking, to save it as a draft (Dashboard, Bookings, Workforce, Messages, Account Settings, etc.).

You’ll be asked if you want to save the booking as a draft. If you click No, the booking will be discarded. If you click Yes, the booking and all details input up to this point, will be saved as a draft.

You can access your most recent draft booking from the Dashboard, under Pending Items, or see all draft booking in the Bookings tab, under Draft Bookings.

You’ll see the date the draft booking was created, the last date it was edited, the number of available workers for this gig (depending on the details you entered for dates, experience level, etc.) and 0 booked workers. 

To edit the booking, click Edit Draft. Your draft booking will open to the section you were on, when you choose to save it as a draft. If you need to edit details previously entered, tap the Back button.


If you added more details, but are still not ready to go live with your booking, click outside of the booking and select Yes when asked if you want to save the draft.

To learn how to delete draft bookings, click here.

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