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How do I cancel a booking?

If your booking is within 24 hrs of your first shifts start time, you can’t cancel your booking. To prevent workers from confusion, frustration, and unknowingly showing up to the job, we have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. 

If your booking is not within 24 hours of the first shift, you can request to cancel your booking. Head to the Dashboard or Bookings, and click on Booking Summary.

Click on the pencil icon next to the booking title, to edit the booking.

To request to cancel a booking, click the red trash can icon, “Cancel booking.” 

Your booking will not be cancelled at this time. You can request to cancel it by clicking the Request Cancellation button. 

You should immediately call our Client Success Rep at 569-608-8707, so that we can confirm this cancellation and let workers know. 

If you are wanting to cancel a booking because the details are incorrect, know that many details for your booking can be edited. You can increase the pay/bill rate, the headcount, change the job description and details, and add extra shifts and roles to the booking. 

To learn more about editing your booking after it’s live, click here

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