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Adia’s staffing agency provides cutting-edge technology that allows Phoenix companies a unique way to recruit qualified staff and career personnel. Organizations and companies now have a seamless way of finding and keeping the kind of professionals they require for specific job roles. 

Adia makes it much easier to access a talent pool far beyond any conventional staffing agency’s capacity. As soon as a booking is placed, you’re instantly matched to all available Adia W2 workers who have the required skill set. In addition, you have full 24/7 visibility of your workforce. 

No middleman, no contract, and no strings attached – this easy step-by-step process allows your business to hire efficiently. Adia’s platform opens the door to endless opportunities to your organization.


Adia is changing how companies in Phoenix do business. We’ve successfully been able to remove the strain attached to traditional staffing agencies. It does not matter what sector your company operates in. Adia will find and connect you with the right staff that matches your company vision.

From retail, supply chain & logistics, janitorial services, and customer care to hospitality, Adia is your source of high-quality staff.


How the Adia Staffing Platform Works

Book vetted Phoenix workers in seconds​
When you create a booking, thousands of workers in Phoenix that fit your needs are immediately notified about the job, and can book it on the spot. Since they're all W-2 employees of Adia, they've already been pre-vetted for their skills, qualifications, and eligibility to work.
Create a booking
View work history and qualifications ​
You've got full transparency 24/7 and control over who's on the job. View your roster to see updates in real time, and check worker profiles to view their work history, skills, and ratings from other businesses in Phoenix.
Schedule a demo
Approve timesheets and rate workers​
Timesheets and payroll are handled straight through the Adia platform, so you can make edits if needed, or approve timesheets in one click. Our ratings system helps keep things honest so you always know the quality of the workers you're getting.
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Why Work With Adia As Your Phoenix Staffing Agency?

Are you fed up with redundant staffing agencies that follow the same old, tired routines? Adia has put together a seamless process that reduces middleman error. We’ve cut through all the unnecessary obstacles and go straight to sourcing the right staff on your behalf. 

The message is clear: Adia does all the heavy lifting for you. 

All of the workforce on Adia’s platform are full-time W2 workers employed by Adia. This takes the paperwork, compliance, background checks, taxes, and benefits off the plate of your organization.


workforce planning

Coordinating with multiple staffing agencies is error-prone and inefficient. Using Adia makes it relatively easy to have direct access to qualified, eVerified staff on-demand. 

We have superb technology that limits no-shows by 50%. Compared with traditional staffing agencies, Adia offers a transparent and more efficient way for companies to achieve their vision.



One of your main goals as a business owner is to maximize efficiency. How can you achieve this when the marginal labor costs of hiring and rehiring get in the way constantly? 

Using Adia makes it very easy to keep up with fluctuating demand for your business. Adia offers Phoenix companies an easy way to get the kind of workers they need, just as they require them, all in real-time.


Consolidating all workforce needs on one platform simplifies payroll and back office. Outsourcing your hiring needs and workforce is not only cost-effective but safer too. 

From payroll, worker welfare, and compensation to other HR-related tasks, Adia makes it easy for Phoenix companies to thrive exponentially. 

Workforce Located in Phoenix, AZ

Adia’s staffing agency is an exclusive online-based platform. Although we don’t have a physical office in Phoenix, we’re a top-rated on-demand staffing agency for the most qualified and vetted workers in Phoenix. 

It’s A Perfect Day to Staff with Adia in Phoenix!

There is no shortage of raw talent for the varied roles and job descriptions in any market domain with Adia’s staffing agency. Now is the perfect time to create a job booking or schedule a demo with an Adia consultant. We are ready to help with your staffing needs all year round, no matter the weather.

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Recent Phoenix Staffing News

Our blog features news and interesting reads on the Phoenix labor market and other current events. With a whole workforce in Phoenix ready to take on hospitality roles at a moment’s notice, employers can depend on Adia’s on demand staffing platform over other Phoenix staffing agencies for top-tier services.

To learn more about the staffing services we provide for the city of Phoenix and other cities across the US, don’t forget to explore Adia’s Resources. Find out how Adia can staff for you!

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