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Featured NYC Gig Details:

Businesses are now hiring new staff members for New York City labor gigs!

Workers employed for these general labor gigs are responsible for maintaining a hospitable, safe, and clean work site while supporting the project’s or larger-scale event’s overall objectives.

Workers in the New York City area can apply today to work in general labor gigs in various sectors, including supply chain/warehousing, manufacturing/production, and hospitality. This job description is for general construction New York City labor gigs.

Dress attire: On-site workers will need to wear protective long-sleeve shirts, functional work pants (such as Dickie’s), and closed-toed work shoes with toe and slip protection (preferably work boots). Hard hats, work gloves, reflective vests, ear protection (ear muffs and plugs), and eye protection (face shields and safety glasses) may be provided to staff members for labor gigs as necessary.

Physical requirements: These general New York City labor gigs may require substantial physical effort in lifting, moving, loading, and unloading materials for construction work. Applicants must be physically able to regularly lift and/or transport up to 25 pounds, frequently lift and/or transport up to 50 pounds and occasionally lift and/or transport up to 100 pounds.


Location Details

Our business is now hiring new staff members who are able to work hourly labor gigs near New York City, NY, and the surrounding areas. Qualified general laborers are expected to fill hourly gigs located within the Long Island, New York City, and Westchester regions. Our employer company is headquartered in New York, New York, and workers may be required to find their own transportation to and from the labor gigs work site depending on their work hours. Free parking at the employer’s headquarters will be available for all on-duty staff members during their hourly New York City labor gigs.


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General Labor Gig Responsibilities and Duties

  • We are looking to hire general laborers with previous experience as drivers, haulers, customer service workers, hospitality staff members, mechanics, and maintenance/construction laborers. Experience is preferred; however, it is not required, and we are willing to provide on-site training to enthusiastic, hard-working individuals to fill our New York City labor gigs!
  • Qualified applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A high school diploma, general education degree, or related experience is preferred but not required.
  • Driver licenses are preferred but not required.
  • Safely and effectively supply materials to fellow team members in a logical and organized fashion, which may include anticipating their needs and next steps and communicating efficiently with on-site managers and fellow employees.
  • Workers must adhere to safe work practices and procedures so that the job site is free of potential hazards, maintain cleanliness and proper sanitation practices on project sites, and clean up and secure job sites at the end of each day in order to eliminate potential hazards.
  • Take direction from the on-site project foreman to help prepare job sites, carefully load and unload construction materials from company trucks, remove debris, assist team members, and perform any other general labor duties necessary to get the primary job objectives completed correctly and safely.
  • Assist with the building or construction of various structures, mix and pour concrete, spread out and compact asphalt and dirt using tools, and other general construction and labor tasks as needed with guidance from on-site project foreman and supervisory staff members.
  • Perform an array of preventive maintenance, carpentry, construction, and mechanical repair tasks for the job site as assigned, and be able to properly and safely use plumbing, electrical, and mechanical equipment, fixtures, and machinery.