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Why partner with Adia?

Your current staffing model is inefficient

No need for the staffing agency headache or the lengthy process of recruiting and hiring yourself. Our technology supplies you with qualified, vetted workers in Houston – in real time.

You want to future-proof your business

Modern supply chains need to be ready for changing demand and unforeseen challenges. With Adia, you can book hourly workers when you need them, and make your workforce as dynamic as your demand. 

Vetted staff, ready in Houston, Texas

Hello, Houston! It’s really great to be here in the home of the Texas rodeo. Everything is bigger in Texas, so we understand if your staffing needs are just as massive.

Here at Adia, we provide on-demand, temp, and temp-to-hire staffing services for all of your manufacturing, warehouse and logistics, and hospitality needs. Adia is the leading on-demand staffing platform with 10x the worker pool of a traditional Houston staffing agency. If you’re looking for workers in Houston, this is the best place to start.

Are you a worker looking for jobs in Houston? Head to our worker page to register and onboard as a W-2 employee of Adia.

workforce planning

Coordinating with multiple staffing agencies is error-prone and inefficient. With Adia you can book vetted, qualified workers in seconds – all online, anytime, anywhere. Adia’s technology reduces no-shows by 50% when compared to the traditional Houston staffing agency, and gives companies the reliability and transparency they need to plan their operations.


Agile supply chain means your workforce should match your demand, but ramping labor up and down is a challenge. With Adia you get the workers you need, when you need them. Adia’s technology supplies you with staff in Houston that have the skills and experience you’re looking for in real time, and ensures that workers know what’s expected.


Managing your workforce and hiring needs internally is expensive and risky. With Adia you can simplify payroll and back office, and consolidate all workforce needs on one platform. Adia workers in Houston are W-2 employees of Adia, so we take care of everything HR-related, like payroll, employment risks, workers’ comp, and liabilities.

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Book vetted Houston workers in seconds

When you create a booking, thousands of workers in Houston that fit your needs are immediately notified about the job, and can book it on the spot. Since they’re all W-2 employees of Adia, they’ve already been pre-vetted for their skills, qualifications, and eligibility to work.

View work history and qualifications

You’ve got full transparency 24/7 and control over who’s on the job. View your roster to see updates in real time, and check worker profiles to view their work history, skills, and ratings from other businesses in Houston.

Approve timesheets and rate workers

Timesheets and payroll are handled straight through the Adia platform, so you can make edits if needed, or approve timesheets in one click. Our ratings system helps keep things honest so you always know the quality of the workers you’re getting. 

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