Frequently Asked Questions
for Workers

You've got questions. We've got answers!

Adia is an app built for the gig economy. We’ll hire you to Adia once as a W-2 worker, and then you can book unlimited jobs. We handle service and hospitality industry, warehousing, general labor, and special events in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Washington, and growing – all kinds of gigs at all skill levels. Book a job at a business near you in the Adia app!

First, download the Adia app, and create a profile. Next, plug in your availability and tell us what roles you want to work. 

We’ll match you to full-time, part-time, and pick-up gigs. Book the ones you want, and pass on the ones you don’t. Once you’re in the app, we’ll walk you through the quick onboarding steps. It’s that simple.

Complete the skills assessment with us through the app. Once you’ve booked a few jobs, you’re a W-2 employee that’s eligible for benefits.

100% – All of your information is encrypted and secure.

Once you download the Adia app, you’ll walk through 5 simple on-boarding steps to get hired. To keep it short, you have to be 18+ years old, pass a background check, and submit an I-9 to verify you’re eligible to work in the US. Our on-boarding is all digital, so you’ll submit these in the app. You’ll choose a trusted friend to be your “Authorized Rep” for the I-9, and they’ll verify your info and docs for you.

No one likes waiting weeks for payday, so we made it weekly and on Fridays. Our pay cycle runs M-S, so you’ll always be paid the following Friday after you work. How you get paid is up to you. We have paper check and direct deposit, just head to Payment Details in My Profile to pick.

Yes. Go to Settings > Remove Account. Your Adia account will be permanently deleted. There’s no going back – it will be gone forever.

Adia is proud to hire our workers as W-2 employees. Adia withholds income tax and your portion of social security and Medicare taxes. Adia also pays social security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes on your wages.  Best of all – Adia workers are benefits eligible.

Not a problem! When you are on the log-in page, enter the email you used to sign-up. Next, when it is requesting you to enter a password, look for the “Forgot Password” link under the password text field. You will need to enter your email address and await for an email.

Once you book a gig, it’s yours. Make sure beforehand that you’re available.  If something comes up more than 24 hours before your shift, you can head to My Shifts and swipe left to cancel the gig.  If you need cancel within 24 hours of your shift, head to the Job Tracker and tap “Cant make it.” Canceling gigs within this time frame can add penalties to your profile.
We’ll send you push notifications when you get matched to a new job. Make sure you head to your device settings and turn them on for the Adia app.  These notifications will also tell you when to check in/out of your shift, when a business “likes” your profile, and when you level up in rewards.

Our Community Support Reps are available M-F 8am – 6pm CST. If you run into any issues, they can be reached directly at 512-647-6471.

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