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Adia is a free platform to book vetted hourly workers on demand. We make it easy for you to find the staff you need at the click of a button. All of our Adia workers are W-2, meaning we handle all of the taxes, paperwork, and insurance – so you don’t have to. We handle service industry, warehousing, general labor, and special events – all kinds of gigs. Sign up for free to start booking workers. 

First things first: Adia is a free platform, and there are no upfront costs. You’re free to browse profiles, check out the app or to figure out what staff will cost you for an event or on-going project. You don’t pay until a job has been completed, and our pricing is upfront and transparent – there are no hidden costs and no guesswork.

Schedule a demo with one of our rockstar team members. They’ll show you the ease of using the platform and the community of Adia workers in your area. You’ll see how to adjust your pay rate and bill rate and customize your booking to fit your needs.

While creating a booking, you’ll see a pay rate and a bill rate. The pay rate is what the worker gets paid, and the bill rate is what you pay to book workers through Adia. We include a markup in the bill rate to cover the costs to vet our workers, and we foot the bill for their taxes, insurance and benefits so you don’t have to.

You get to set your own pay rates and choose the skill level of workers you need. Not sure? We’ll give you an estimated rate based on market rates, qualifications, and average pay for that role. You don’t pay anything until the job is complete.

  1. Our workers are W-2 employees of Adia. That means we handle all of the HR and risk associated with hiring people, so you don’t have to.
  2. With Adia, you get full transparency and control over your booking. Rather than wondering if your staffing agency will deliver, you can check the status of your booking at any time, and view your roster of workers. We’ll show you their ratings and reviews from other businesses, and you can always have the final say.
  3. You can find vetted workers in seconds through Adia, compared to days or weeks through a staffing agency.
  4. We have a no-show prevention framework built into our technology to make sure your people show up.

Adia workers are W-2 employees of Adia. That means we handle all of the HR and risk associated with hiring people. We take charge with workers comp, hiring processes, employee conduct, taxes, paperwork, and co-employment. And we know our workers are our most important asset, so we make sure they receive benefits, PTO, and the best user experience possible.

Here’s how it goes: You create a booking, we match workers with your job and confirm they’ll be there, we submit payroll and timesheets, you approve them with one tap, and that’s it. You can let your workers know how they did by leaving ratings and reviews.

Just about everything. Our Adia workers range from rookie skill levels to pros with years of experience behind them. We cover general labor, event staff, hospitality, retail, service industry and more! Got a job that’s hard to fill? We love a good challenge.

Adia workers choose the roles and industries where they have experience and enjoy the work. This means that your job will be filled with people that want to be there.

Our workers go through a vetting process, background check, and interview with one of our Community Support Reps to verify their experience, skillset, and eligibility to work. If your job requires a specific license or certificate, we’ll only show you workers that have the verified credentials. Workers can upload resumes, references, and even a quick video explaining why they’re the best fit for your job.

As for the technical answer, we partner with Checkr for all background checks and Form I-9 and E-Verify to ensure employment eligibility.

Workers input their roles and skill levels when they join Adia. Our Community Support Reps check out resumes, certificates and licenses, and ask the nitty gritty questions. They’re then categorized by the following:

Standard: Don’t need an expert? Standard workers are enthusiastic and eager to gain experience. They’re like rookies but better – Jacks and Jills of all trades.

Plus: Need someone with some solid experience and proven skills? Plus workers are a good mix of value and experience. They have specific areas of interest and are good at what they do.

Premium: Looking to level up your workforce? Book a premium worker with years of professional experience. Premium workers have the greatest level of expertise, and come with the highest ratings from other businesses.

We’ve got the worker communication handled. We let them know any specific instructions or details for a job before they head there, and confirm with them that they’ll be there. The worker uses a job tracker in the app to RSVP to the job, check in and check out of shifts and keep track of their earnings.

Want to reach out to a worker personally? Use our built-in chat feature to let them know of any changes, reach out with feedback, or provide any extra info they need. You can message one person specifically or broadcast a message to your whole workforce. We know communication is key, so we make sure it’s easy for you to get in touch.