FAQ for Business

General Platform Questions

Adia is a digital staffing platform used to book vetted, hourly workers on demand. We make it easy for you to find the staff you need at the click of a button. All of our Adia workers are W-2, meaning we handle all of the taxes, paperwork, and insurance – so you don’t have to. We handle service industry, warehousing, general labor, and special events – all kinds of gigs. Sign up for free to start booking workers. 

Bookings are created within the Client Portal. Watch a walkthrough video or a step-by-step tutorial.

If you need to update or make changes to a booking after it has gone live, you can do so from within the Bookings section of the Client Portal. See a step-by-step tutorial here.

Once your booking has been created, we’ll take care of the rest! If you want to keep an eye on how your bookings are doing, you can review matched and booked workers at any time from the Bookings section of the Client Portal.

After a shift is completed, you can review, edit, and approve worker timesheets from the Timesheets section. Please be aware that our work week is Mon-Sun and we pay our workers on a weekly basis. This means that if timesheets have not been approved by the following Tuesday, Client Success will be approving them. Don’t worry – our Client Success team will send reminders before doing so.

An up-to-date view of workers currently matched and booked to your booking can be seen in the Bookings section of the Client Portal. A step-by-step tutorial can be viewed here.

Worker timesheets can be reviewed, edited, and approved from the Timesheets section. Watch a walkthrough video or step-by-step tutorial

We’ve got the worker communication handled. We let them know any specific instructions or details for a job before they head there, and confirm with them that they’ll be there. The worker uses a job tracker in the app to RSVP to the job, check in and check out of shifts and keep track of their earnings. We also monitor and respond to incoming chat messages from workers, so you don’t have to.

Want to reach out to a worker personally? Use our built-in chat feature to let them know of any changes, reach out with feedback, or provide any extra info they may need. You can message one person specifically or broadcast a message to your whole workforce. We know communication is key, so we make sure it’s easy for you to get in touch.

If you run into issues or need additional assistance, our Client Success team is here to help. They can be reached via email at clients@adia-us.com.

Great, we highly recommend this! Please schedule with this link, you can add up to 4 people: https://calendly.com/client-success-adia-us/client-success-demo


We overbook to ensure you have enough workers on site.  We would rather you have too many than not enough. This is an Adia courtesy to you.

Just let us know if you do not want your booking overbooked. We can also add you to our “Do Not Overbook” list. But we will warn you that there is always the chance a worker will be a no-call no-show, and overbooking is there to combat that.

You can either keep the overbooked workers, you will be invoiced for their time worked, or you can choose to send them home and we will take care of the show-up pay as a courtesy. You must keep the number of workers you originally requested or you will be billed for any additional workers you send home.

If you do decide to send a worker home, please tell them to check in and check out, so we can record their geo-tags, and mark them as “Excused No Show” on your end so their accounts do not get flagged for an unexcused absence.

We always suggest basing it on who is on time and eager to work! If everyone shows up at the same time, then you can ask them questions and find who is the best fit for your job and make your decision from there. If the workers have any questions about overbooking/being sent home, have them chat us on their worker app or shoot worker support an email at workers@adia-us.com.

We don’t recommend this, overbooking is mainly for the first shift. If you’ve met your demand for worker resources, please dismiss any no shows as soon as you can. This decision tree is in the same place you would mark workers “Excused No Show.” If you don’t need as many the following day, please excuse the worker and dismiss them. If this gets confusing, please email us at clients@adia-us.com and we’ll take care of it.

Before The First Shift

If you want to cancel your booking, please request a cancellation by clicking “Booking Summary” for that specific booking.  Once you are there click the “Booking Summary” edit button at the top and then request a cancellation.  We will receive the request immediately and cancel the booking. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation notice. If you cancel under 24 hours, you may be susceptible to an invoice for as much as the total expected pay of the first shift.

You should be able to make the following changes to your order:

  • Update booking title
  • Change job description and on-site details
  • Add new roles
  • Increase headcount
  • Increase bill rate (which increases pay rate)
  • Add or remove days (if not yet booked by workers)
  • Edit start & end times (of not yet booked by workers)

Once a booking is booked by workers you cannot update the schedule or pay. That is because workers choose to book based on those factors and may no longer be available or interested if it is changed.

Some things such as the venue address can never be edited.

If you need to make an update to your current booking and find you can’t make the necessary change, please request a cancellation and proceed with rebuilding it. If you would like to rebook the workers that were on the original bookings, please reach out to us at clients@adia-us.com.

Since all Adia workers are W-2 workers, we take the HR out of your job!  We do everything to ensure the workers are a great fit for the Adia platform, therefore you are not able to interview our workers. However, we do have the Adia chat feature which allows you to ask questions to the worker directly and exchange information. If any worker doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, we allow you to release workers at will.

Our booking system is a fairly strict scheduling system. Workers have their times and are expected to check in within a 30 minute window. If you want them to work outside that strict window, we have additional options like flex shift bookings. Flex shifts are non-geo-tagged shifts where workers report their time using a custom link, and you can approve, deny, or edit those hours.  If you are interested in this kind of booking, please reach out to us at clients@adia-us.com

If you want specific workers, we can offer favorite pool bookings. Favorite pool bookings allow you to book a specific set of worker(s) on that booking. Please reach out to us at clients@adia-us.com to learn more

During your Booking

We highly recommend having an on-site supervisor with access to the Adia platform.  We can assist you in adding these supervisors to your account. For practical purposes, this supervisor should be able to view the roster for the day, chat with workers, and check them in/out, in case they are having issues with their device or Adia app. Please reach out to us at clients@adia-us.com with details of the supervisors you’d like for us add to your account, and we’ll do so free of charge.

Yes! The client platform is also available on your mobile browser, allowing you to manage bookings on the go. 

Please bookmark this link for easy access: https://clients.adia.works/#/login

Adia is an on-demand platform.  You do not choose your workers, but rather the workers choose the booking.  All workers are i9 verified, background checked, vetted, and within 30 miles of the job.  If you do not feel like the worker is a good fit for the role, you can release them and another worker may book the job.

If a worker shows up who is not on your roster, please let us know immediately.  Only booked workers should work on your bookings.  If this does happen, please send them home and email us their details to clients@adia-us.com.

We’re so sorry to hear that. Adia does their best to ensure your booked workers show up.  It’s also the main reason why we often overbook for the first day of your booking.

Workers are asked to confirm attendance to their shift 24 hours before the job starts. If they RSVP “no” they are removed from the job, if they RSVP “yes” they are sent the job’s address and point of contact information. It is best to check your dashboard regularly to see who is booked.

We highly recommend you check your “Messages” tab to see if any of the workers chatted about running late or not being able to make it. If workers are booked and do not show up, they will be deactivated from the Adia platform.

After your Booking

The most important action to do after workers have completed shifts is to review timesheets. Please navigate to the “timesheets” page in our client platform and complete actions on all pending timesheets.  Examples of actions on timesheets are adjusting,  approving, and marking as absent.

Our workweeks are Monday to Sunday. We review timesheets every Tuesday. If you have not completed actions on your timesheets from the previous payroll week by the following Tuesday, we will approve or withhold pay based on the information we have at hand. You will be invoiced for any timesheets that are approved. It’s important to properly mark absences as excused or unexcused. as unexcused absence can result in the worker being removed from the platform.

Invoices are sent every Thursday and Friday via email.  You are able to pay via ACH, check, or credit card. You are normally emailed the invoice the week after your job is completed. If you have custom billing questions, please contact our billing department at finance@adia-us.com.

Great! We would love to help get you started at additional venues or for different roles. You can add as many venues or extra users to your account as you want, all with custom privileges at no extra charge. Please reach out to us at clients@adia-us.com for more information.