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Why Partner with Adia for Hotel Staffing?

When hiring staff members for your hotel workforce, you want to find qualified workers that will support your existing team and help fulfill their essential responsibilities. Lately, however, with the current staffing shortage, it has become increasingly difficult to attract worthy applicants for hotels and other hospitality industry jobs.

Staffing for the constantly-changing hotel business is difficult enough, and along with the labor shortage, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with demand.

Due to the struggles related to staffing, many professionals turn to hotel staffing agencies like Adia for support. Adia helps facilitate the hotel staffing process by matching qualified workers with relevant open positions.

Additionally, Adia provides resources to help employers attract applicants to their roles to maximize efficiency throughout the entirety of their onboarding process. Read on to learn more about how the Adia staffing platform can provide the solution to your current hotel staffing struggles.

Your Current Hotel Staffing Model is Inefficient

If you have experienced difficulty with finding and attracting qualified staff members for your hotel business, your business is likely suffering from an insufficient staffing model.

With the Adia staffing platform, our system is designed with the user’s needs in mind to help you attract and retain staff members easily. The proof is in our success, as our staffing model has helped numerous businesses in locations across the country with their onboarding needs.

You Want to Future-Proof Your Hotel Business

As an employer who books hourly workers for your hotel business, odds are you know just how important it is to find reliable hotel staff members.

Adia’s staffing agency is your solution to booking qualified job seekers in hourly positions quickly, so they’ll be available when you need them. Through hourly staffing through Adia, you can provide your business with future staffing security.

Vetted Hotel Staff, Ready Now

In recent years, businesses around the country have been experiencing increased difficulty with employee onboarding due to the current staffing shortage. For hospitality industry businesses especially, this has created many challenges with regards to attracting and retaining qualified help. In addition, because the staffing shortage has caused job seekers to become more selective about the positions they are willing to fill, this turn of events has had detrimental effects on the hotel industry.

Adia’s staffing for hotels involves finding professionals to fill more than a few positions. Cooks, temps, administrative staff, banquet event organizers, and various other personnel members make up the well-rounded industrial workforce of a fully functioning hotel. Without all of these positions filled by qualified professionals, it is easy for mistakes to occur that can cause stress for the rest of your workers.

Additionally, a lack of eligible staff members available to provide services for your guests may even negatively influence your ratings as a hotel business. So how can hotel businesses attract and retain an adequate amount of staff members in such a competitive job market?

The Adia hotel staffing agency’s mission is to help hotel industry businesses find qualified workers and attract them to their available workforce positions. Adia provides hospitality staffing solutions for businesses and job seekers alike. Employers can connect with vetted workers looking to fill roles through the Adia online platform. Additionally, our service helps employers to curate effective job descriptions and postings that will gain attention from job seekers in the competitive labor market.

Additionally, another way we keep your business ahead of the competition for qualified personnel is by also helping you to accurately determine competitive pay rates based on similar roles in your location. This way, you’ll know exactly how to land the right workers for the job and feel confident about the compensation that your position will offer.

Adia’s online staffing platform is quick and easy to use. We take pride in simplifying the onboarding process for our users, and this doesn’t stop once the candidate is hired. Our online payroll system helps you stay on top of timekeeping and allows you to rate workers after the job has been completed.

Whether you are looking for long-term workers or trying to fill temp positions, Adia can help you find the right staff members for your open roles. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now, and experience how effortless it can be to solve your hotel workforce staffing problems with Adia.

General labor


Book general labor workers with a wide range of behind-the-scenes skills, from construction and organization to event staff and concession food handlers.

Hospitality staffing

Food and

Adia has your food and beverage needs covered. Hire experienced F&B professionals to handle your kitchen, bar, and dining room floor with efficiency and professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Staffing


Keep your rooms and linens spotless with our experienced hotel housekeeping workers. You’ll find professional cleaners and attendants to meet the strict quality standards your guests expect.

Event staff


Running an event? Need to promote your business? Book motivated, reliable event staff to wow your guests and ensure a great experience for everyone.

Streamline Hotel Workforce Planning

Why deal with multiple staffing agencies when you can manage your workforce all in one place? It only takes a few minutes to set up a roster full of vetted, qualified workers with Adia.

Enjoy full transparency and control from your dedicated client portal, anytime, anywhere. We also offer peerless reliability with our staffing solutions—our technology reduces no-shows by 50% compared to traditional staffing.


Seasonal fluctuations in demand and changes in customer behavior—a challenge Hotels know all too well. With Adia’s Hotel staffing on your side, however, that challenge doesn’t stand a chance.

Hire pre-screened Hotel staff only when you need them, without the constant cycle of onboarding and offboarding. We’ll only match you with motivated, experienced professionals who can get the job done right.


You want Hotel staff to boost your bottom line, not inflate your operating costs (and risk). That’s why our Hotel staffing services include taking HR and the back office off your plate.

Every Adia worker in the nation has a W-2 on file with us, which means we cover payroll, benefits, workers comp, background checks, liabilities, and much more.

When You Partner with Our Hotel Staffing Agency, You’re in Good Company

When we say our workers are qualified, we really mean it. The Adia hospitality staffing agency can help you find and hire job seekers that have been vetted through our online staffing system quickly and easily. At Adia, we strive to ensure quality in our staffing solutions. As a result, we are confident that the workers who utilize our staffing system are reliable and ready to take on your hotel workforce needs.

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How Hotel Staffing Works

Book Vetted Hotel Workers in Seconds

When we say our workers are qualified, we really mean it. The Adia hospitality staffing agency can help you find and hire job seekers that have been vetted through our online staffing system quickly and easily.

At Adia, we strive to ensure quality in our staffing solutions. As a result, we are confident that the workers who utilize our staffing system are reliable and ready to take on your hotel workforce needs.

View Work History and Qualifications

When selecting the best candidates for your hotel staff positions, Adia’s staffing solution makes comparing applicants easy. Unlike other staffing companies, Adia makes it a point to support full transparency in the onboarding process.

Through the Adia platform, employers can view the work history, skills and qualifications, and previous ratings of workers. By locating your staff members through the Adia hotel staffing agency, you can feel comfortable with the onboarding decisions you make for your workforce team.

Approve Timesheets and Rate Workers

With the Adia staffing platform, you can continue benefiting from our system even after you have filled your hotel job positions. Adia lets you easily manage and approve your staff timesheets in our online system.

In addition, time tracking and payment management are efficiently and accurately calculated through our system to save you time and trouble. And after your worker has left your hotel position, you can rate their performance so that other employers will be able to read about your experience with them.

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