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Why Partner with Adia for Hospitality Staffing?

Looking to expand your workforce and grow your business? The last thing you need is an outdated hiring process that drains you of precious time and resources. Running a hospitality business means juggling constant fluctuations in demand, and managing your staff can be quite a balancing act.


How do you find high-quality employees without digging through piles of unqualified applicants?

How do you ramp up and down without spending a fortune?

And how do you handle it all without pulling out your hair?


It’s time to escape the circus and leave traditional hiring behind. We’re Adia—your one-stop answer to the hospitality staffing conundrum. 

Our on-demand staffing platform matches you with the workers you need when you need them. Jump on to our intuitive platform and cherry-pick experienced, pre-vetted staff trained in hospitality in minutes, from 10x the worker pool of a traditional staffing agency. As a national agency, we’re proud to offer staffing solutions to businesses all across the U.S.

Hire with confidence, manage with ease, and focus on your customers and bottom line—Adia is hospitality staffing made simple.

Your Current Hospitality Staffing Model is Inefficient

Endless piles of resumes and paperwork. Endless back-and-forth untangling HR messes. Even endless training to accommodate inexperienced new hires.

Cure your staffing headache once and for all and take back your time with Adia’s staffing solutions—our technology sends qualified hospitality staff to your computer (or phone) in a snap.

You Want to Future-Proof Your Business

Unstable economy? Unforeseen circumstances? We make preparing for the unexpected, something you can expect. 

Book experienced hospitality staff by the hour and build a flexible workforce to keep up with changes on demand, no matter when they strike.

Vetted Hospitality Staff, Ready Now​

We provide hospitality staffing solutions for businesses across the nation, with specialized workers for general labor, food & beverage, housekeeping, and events. From restaurant staffing to maid service and beyond, hire the staff you need on-demand with Adia—and seize new opportunities to grow your business!

General labor

Labor Staffing

Book general labor workers with a wide range of behind-the-scenes skills, from construction and organization to event staff and concession food handlers.

Hospitality staffing

Food and
Beverage Staffing

Adia has your food and beverage needs covered. Hire experienced F&B professionals to handle your kitchen, bar, and dining room floor with efficiency and professionalism.

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Staffing

Staffing Services

Keep your rooms and linens spotless with our experienced hotel housekeeping workers. You’ll find professional cleaners and attendants to meet the strict quality standards your guests expect.

Event staff


Running an event? Need to promote your business? Book motivated, reliable event staff to wow your guests and ensure a great experience for everyone.

Streamline Hospitality Workforce Planning

Why deal with multiple hospitality staffing agencies when you can manage your workforce all in one place? It only takes a few minutes to set up a roster full of vetted, qualified workers with Adia. Enjoy full transparency and control from your dedicated client portal, anytime, anywhere.

We also offer peerless reliability with our staffing solutions—our technology reduces no-shows by 50% compared to traditional staffing.


Seasonal fluctuations on demand and changes in customer behavior — a challenge hospitality businesses know all too well. 

With Adia’s hospitality staffing on your side, that challenge doesn’t stand a chance. Hire pre-screened hospitality staff only when you need them, without the constant cycle of onboarding and off-boarding. 

We’ll only
match you with motivated, experienced professionals who can get the job
done right.


You want hospitality staff to boost your bottom line, not inflate your operating costs (and risk). That’s why our hospitality staffing services include taking HR and the back office off your plate.

Every Adia worker in the nation is a full-time W2 employee, which means we cover payroll, benefits, workers comp, background checks, liabilities, and much more.

When You Partner with Our Staffing Agency, You’re in Good Company

We’re in the business of pairing great workers with the employers who need them. From local B&B’s and eateries to big chains like Marriott and Popeyes, thousands of businesses across the nation trust us to provide top-notch staffing solutions and services. We can’t wait to do the same for you!

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Book Vetted Hospitality Workers in Seconds

It’s no exaggeration. When you post a job, we immediately notify thousands of vetted hospitality workers who fit your particular needs. They’re all pre-screened for their skills, qualifications, and eligibility to work, each with a valid W-2 on file with Adia.

Create a booking to hear from qualified applicants right away—and confirm your new staff with a click!

View Work History and Qualifications

Your client portal gives you full transparency and control over your workforce, 24/7. Log in to view your roster and make adjustments in real time. Want to learn more about potential and current employees? We’ve done away with long-winded, irrelevant resumes—check out our comprehensive worker profiles to see their skills, work history, and ratings from other employers. Sign up for a demo today!

Approve Timesheets and Rate Workers

Payroll is easier than ever with the Adia hospitality staffing platform. View timesheets, make staff edits (if needed), and approve staffing with a click. You can also rate and leave feedback for your hospitality worker, which helps us maintain a robust rating system and ensure a transparent, high-quality staffing workforce for all of our valued hospitality clients.

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