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Workers that actually show up.

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Ready for a better way to staff?

Staff that shows up

We’ve got 50% fewer no-shows than traditional staffing. That means better planning, less scrambling, and more work accomplished.

Transparent platform

Ever wonder how much of what you’re paying goes into your worker’s pocket? With Adia, you set your own pay rates, so there’s no guesswork.

No middleman

Get full visibility into your workforce 24/7, and open up a worker pool 10x bigger than your agency’s.

Take your time back

On average, our clients spend 16 hours less per week on staffing. That’s time you can put towards growing your business instead of finding people.

No red tape

No contracts with us, no contracts with our workers. All our workers are W-2 employees of Adia, meaning we take on all the risk and HR admin – so you don’t have to.

Save 30% on staffing

No hidden fees, monthly subscriptions, or upfront payments. 

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Vetted workers

Ready now

With an average worker rating of 4.8 out of 5, they’ll get the job done right.

How Adia works

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Create booking

Select the roles you need, dates and times, pay rates, and any qualifications required.

View roster

Watch roles fill in real time, check stats, and view profiles.

Complete the job

Adia workers get the job done right.

Approve and rate

Approve timesheets and rate workers, letting them know how they did.

on demand staffing

Free platform

No upfront cost

You only pay when a job has been successfully completed. We include a markup in the bill rate to cover the costs to vet our workers, and we foot the bill for their taxes, insurance and benefits so you don’t have to.

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