Ways Any Manager Can Prep for the Busy Season….at the Last Minute

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve slept on holiday planning. Right now, there’s a lot of stuff being planned, people are talking big concepts, musing about “growth” and “annual revenue.” Managers everywhere are looking at forecasts, checking the trends of their industries, and trying their hardest to hit every year-end goal their bosses have laid out for them. 

If you’re trying to plan the next steps, there are some nuts and bolts you’re going to need before putting pen to paper. Otherwise, you’re going to be up to your neck in work, and there are things you can do to find a little bit of sanity. Because you were late for planning, it’s not the end of the world, but you’re going to need to triple down. 

What can you do when your back is against the wall? 



Get people to help carry the load. By spreading out the work, it’s a development opportunity for the team, and a chance to breathe for you. Chances are, when you give others the job, they’ll surprise you. 


Be ready for the rush 

Things will get backed up, and there will be delays, especially around the holidays. 

There will be rushes, times when it feels like the work will never end. Keeping a focus on the end of the tunnel will help see things from multiple angles instead of just what’s in front of you. Put the best people in the frontline battle positions, let them shine under pressure. You’ve worked hard to train these folks, so let them do their thing. The orders will be coming in hot and fast. There are a lot of sectors affected by the holidays. All systems will be go and all hands will need to be on deck.


Set the time to plan 

If you’ve got to come in early for thirty minutes every day for the next month, then so be it. It’s all about keeping the machine moving. Don’t get trapped in meetings; right now, it’s about seeing the situation from above and making sure you’re there for the team to help them get out of the weeds, no matter what job they’re doing. 

Set up Google calender alerts to keep on top of events and meetings. Trello is a fantastic way to organize thoughts and tasks straight from your phone. Google calendars and Trello boards can be shared and used for collaboration, plus both are simple to use and integrate with everything. If someone can actively use social media and apps, they can figure both of these platforms out, too. 

Another tool is Union POS system – designed by service industry folks for service industry folks. A lot of food and bev companies are switching over thanks to its time-saving flexibility in droves. Because it was built for speed and adapting changes, Union handles spikes in business in ways that most POS touch systems can’t. And since it recognizes user patterns, and can track how it’s being used to streamline processes.

Maybe that’s the answer for your team? 

Being a manager is hard. Being a manager during the holidays is even harder. Hopefully, this list will help push your team over the edge to getting more done and improving your business, create more sales, serve more guests, fill rooms, or just make sure Santa’s elves get the support they need come sleigh loading time. 

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