Wait Staff Job Description & Template

Businesses that utilize wait staff members require responsible workers to fill these job roles. To find qualified employees, hiring managers create job descriptions to advertise the open position. Wait staff job descriptions include essential information about the position, including the wait staff summary, job duties, and responsibilities. 

Here we have provided you with information on creating the best job description to bring hard-working members to your waiting staff team. We have also included a sample position description template which you may use when developing your own. These resources will help make the hiring process easier to hire waiting staff and bring qualified candidates to your work team.

What to Include in the Wait Staff Job Description

Wait Staff Job Descriptions should provide enough details so that readers can feel well-informed about the job described. Some elements to include within your job summary would be a job overview that describes the position, the wait staff responsibilities, the skills and qualifications for employees, the work environment, and what compensation and benefits workers can expect from the company should they be hired.

Job Overview

The Job Overview should be a paragraph that introduces the advertised position in a summarized way. This position summary should share the primary purpose, importance, and function of the open role.


Within this section of your wait staff job summary, you may list the specific day-to-day wait staff duties and wait staff job responsibilities of the position. We recommend that you record this information in a bullet-point format, as this is the most practical way to provide this information to your readers.

Skills and Qualifications

Every hospitality job requires candidates to possess certain skills and qualifications necessary for the position. While similar, a wait staff job may require different skills than what would be listed on a waiter or waitress job description, so it is important to be specific to the position for which you are hiring. In this section, list the skills that your ideal wait staff candidate should have and any qualifications necessary to perform in this role.

Work Environment

Include any relevant information here about the work environment. Examples of pertinent details would be the type of establishment, whether the wait staff would be serving indoors or outdoors, or hiring wait staff for an event.

Compensation and Benefits

This subsection should include any relevant information about the compensation and benefits provided for the wait staff role. For example, this can consist of details about perks offered to employees, like paid leave and employee discounts, and information about schedules and compensation.

Company Overview

The company overview should describe the company to the readers in a way that is attractive to potential applicants. Readers looking for a new job should feel welcomed by the information in this section, as it should promote the company and include reasons why they are a good team to join.

Wait Staff Job Description Template

Here we will provide you with a Wait Staff Job Description Template. This template includes the kind of information that a hiring manager might include within a job description when hiring wait staff members for their business. You may use this template by reading through the information provided and editing the text so that the job details apply to your open position.

Wait Staff Job Overview

We are currently looking to hire wait staff members for our dining establishment. Qualified members should be able to demonstrate excellent communication and people skills and deliver not only food and beverages to our customers but also a positive restaurant experience. In addition, our wait staff members are expected to have quality customer service skills and should be happy to help customers with questions or order suggestions. We are a well-functioning work team, and someone with excellent teamwork skills should fit in well. Previous server or wait staff experience is helpful but not required for this role. We are looking forward to meeting with qualified and enthusiastic applicants with the skills to thrive in this position. 

Wait Staff Responsibilities:

  • Take orders from customers through the use of order slips, memorization, or entering orders into our computer system. Communicate all order details to kitchen staff members concisely.
  • Provide customers with assistance on the menu and through making order suggestions.
  • Ensure that customers enjoy their meals and make accommodations for customers as necessary. 
  • Carry out server responsibilities, including providing food and beverage orders to customers accurately, quickly, and in a welcoming manner.
  • Process payments with sales taxes and itemizing orders per the customer’s request. 
  • Process payments from customers accurately and responsibly. 
  • Clear plates and assist with other server and team member responsibilities as necessary.
  • Check identification to ensure that the customers are of the legal drinking age before serving them alcoholic drinks. 
  • Communicate with customers in a friendly and hospitable way.
  • Welcome guests and escort them to their seats while maintaining a positive and professional attitude.

Wait Staff Skills:

  • Ability to provide a positive customer service experience to customers as a waiting staff member (experience preferred but not necessary). 
  • Ability to carry out multiple duties at once, such as serving orders, helping customers, and communicating with other servers as necessary.
  • Ability to maintain focus when performing duties under pressure.
  • Teamwork skills, the ability to work together with other staff members with healthy and effective communication. 
  • Ability to work a schedule that may include weekend, evening, and holiday shifts.
  • A welcoming attitude and friendly demeanor.
  • Ability to carry out tasks and work responsibilities without supervision.
  • Responsible for managing money, processing monetary transactions accurately, and operating a point-of-sale system.
  • Must be over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to work in a busy work setting and process orders swiftly and efficiently.
  • Ability to carry plates, stand for extended periods, and work in fast-paced environments. 

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive wages with paid personal/vacation leave
  • Paychecks provided weekly
  • Training for developing team skills and beneficial skills for current roles and role advancement
  • One complimentary employee meal per shift worked (applicable for specific menu items) and generous employee discounts on the entire menu.
  • Health insurance benefits for qualified full-time employees including medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and supplemental life insurance.
  • Promotion opportunities for team advancement and management advancement
  • A 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Flexible schedules to accommodate other necessary commitments such as school, childcare, family care, etc.

Need Help Recruiting Wait Staff?

A well-developed job description can help you find the best candidates when hiring waiting staff for your business. By including details like the job responsibilities, skills, competitive wages, and benefits, your readers will have enough information to feel confident when applying to your position. 

If you would like further professional help with staff recruitment for your business, Adia Solutions LLC is here to help. We are an online staffing platform that connects businesses with qualified, vetted workers. Contact Adia today for help with your hospitality staffing needs.

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