There Are A lot of Ways To Make Money in College

If you’re in college, you already know that money is tight. Between school costs, food, and trying to survive, there’s always an expensive nipping at your heels. In today’s college atmosphere, it’s not like it was a decade or two ago, it’s pretty much written in stone: you’re going to have to get a job.

The problem is, you can’t get just any job. Anyone who’s in school knows that juggling both employment and the classroom isn’t an easy feat. The average college kid can’t work a 40 hour a week job and expect to finish in four years. While it’s possible with some community college, night classes, and other exceptions, the standard four-year state school takes up the majority of a student’s time and energy. The number one thing someone in college needs in terms of a job is flexibility.

We put pen to paper and figured out what are the best jobs out there for kids in college. Some of them might seem obvious, while others might surprise you. Even if you’re not a student, but a creative looking for a side gig to supplement your income, your secret is safe with us, browse on, friend. 


Virtual Assistant

Thanks to leaps in technology, a personal assistant no longer has to be glued to the hip. Today, there are assistants helping clients all over the world with tasks like research, appointments, scheduling, managing social media, booking travel, making phone calls, pretty much everything. 

This job will require someone who’s computer savvy, knows their way around the travel booking sites, and might have some previous admin experience. The best part of the gig? The job is remote and can usually be handled on your schedule. 


Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

As the internet says, “bring us all of the puppies!” This job is perfect for an animal lover who likes to get out and walk. Because people are coming and going at all hours, there are services to help pet owners – especially if you’re willing to pet sit or host a doggy daycare. You’re going to have to pick up some dog poop and maybe wash a few hounds, but if you’re a dog lover, what job is better? 



 If there’s a subject that you’re absolutely awesome at, why not offer to tutor? This job is obviously for students in grad school or working one something specific like an MFA. Tutoring can be something done for cash only on your schedule or through an official program on campus. Depending on the subject, you can even do it remotely online. There’s a lot of flexibility in tutoring, and depending on the subject, you can make serious money. 



Some people can’t get enough of kids, others not so much. If you’re one of the people who love being around little humans, being a nanny is a great way to earn while in college. Parents always need help with childcare, especially childcare they trust. Some nanny’s only work weekends, while others at night, some only watch babies, which helps during term paper season. If you’re in cities like Chicago, Boston or New York,  families will trade services for room and board, which is a significant win considering how much it costs to live in Manhattan. 

Keep in mind, it’s not all going to parks or pushing a stroller on a lovely autumn day. There’s homework, daily chores, meals, picking up and dropping off, and after school sporting activities. But being a nanny can earn a significant income because it’s hard to find suitable childcare. 


On-Demand Staffing 

If you’re looking for endless variety, why not join the Adia community? We’re always helping students find work whether it’s for the weekend, the night or even longer. When a company needs an extra set of hands, we’re there to help. Adia workers have helped out in warehouses, working big events like Rolling Stones concerts, private black-tie affairs and everything in between. Jump over to our homepage and sign up today, it’s super fast. 



Working retail is probably the most common job held by college kids next to being a server. Most retail stores offer flexibility, especially ones in college towns. While these jobs fill up quickly at the beginning of the semester, there’s always the holiday rush so students can make extra cash while on break. 


Call center rep

Another one of the most significant breakthroughs of distributed workers is that call centers can be anywhere. If you’re willing to work nights and weekends, many companies pay well to manage customer service calls from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a headset, a laptop, and the ability to keep the peace when someone is having a bad day. 


Warehouse Associate/Picker-packer 

Because companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Zappo’s are doing incredible business, these companies are opening up warehouses everywhere. They have to if they want to keep up with their delivery times promised “Prime.” Because of this, many warehouses operate 24/7, and if someone needs a flexible schedule, this is a great place to work. You’ll be on your feet a lot, and there will be a lot of picking and packing, but hey, you’ll get some solid cardio. 



If there’s one ubiquitous job for college kids, it’s foodservice industry. Known for flexibility and cash tips, many folks flock to waiting tables, pouring coffee and working the happy hours to keep money in their pockets during the school year. If you’re willing to work nights and weekends, this is one of those gigs that’s stood the test of time. People are going to always want something to eat or a cold beer at the end of a long day. 


Personal trainer 

While we’re at the gym, have you ever considered getting into personal training? If you’re a gym rat who’s always working out, this is a perfect chance to monetize your passion. This job is ideal for students who are already playing sports, working towards degrees in dance, kinesiology, physical therapy, or sports medicine. If you’re dedicated to wellness, this is a perfect way to make money if you’re available for early morning and after-work sessions. 


Hotel Front Desk Receptionist

If you’re majoring in hospitality, this is obviously a perfect fit. Because hotels are 24/7, there are plenty of shifts to cover, with the late-night shifts offering an ideal chance to study. Plus, when you work for a hotel, they have incredible discounts on rooms all over the world. That perk alone is worth dealing with someone mad about getting the “scenic view” of a parking lot. 


Social Media Assistant

Because every brand has someone running social media, this is a no-brainer. And if you’re looking to break into marketing, starting out in social media is a great way to get in with a bigger team and learn a lot. A lot of times, these positions are part-time and can be remote as long as you stay on schedule with releases and targets. You’ll have to learn SEO optimization, how to post blogs, and keep on top of hashtags and what’s trending. If you’re a college kid, that’s no big deal anyhow. 


Brand Ambassador

If you can put on a smile and are good with people and outgoing, brand ambassadors work with a variety of companies. From alcohol companies, nightclubs, hospitality firms, and even sports teams, they’ll all need some hand to hand marketing at one point or another. Primarily, you’ll be expected to hand out products and swag, keeping people positively engaged with the brand. Again, this is another job that will require nights and weekends, but the chance to network is ongoing. 

No matter what your passion is, what you’re majoring in school, there’s a job out there waiting for you – all you’ve got to do is get out there and find it. If you’re looking to make some cash while you’re hitting the books, don’t forget to join the Adia community. We’d love to meet you. 

If you liked this article, don’t forget to hop over to the Adia blog. There’s a little something for everyone. 

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