The Gig Economy is Evolving Faster Than Anyone Could Have Imagined

Knowing how to balance gig economy work is an art form. It doesn’t matter if you’re working full-time, part-time or just picking up day work and gigs as they come along, making sure you do a killer job is what matters. To operate within the gig economy is very much taking your finances into your own hands, but also showing that you’re capable of being dedicated, focused, and always ready to make money. 

Independence is a choice, and to hustle, these things only go hand-in-hand. If you’re going to strike it out on your own, you need to produce. So what do you need to know about the gig economy if you’re thinking about joining the millions who are already out there getting day work, or joining bigger teams on larger projects? 

Gig workers are everywhere 

The gig economy is booming. Over 57 million people are either driving, delivering food, working in distro centers, helping behind the bar, moving furniture, literally doing just about everything. The gig economy is a good job for students, but also a good job for retirees, too.

There’s warehouse work, line cooks, pick n’ packers, prep cooks, waiters, just about everything.

We’re even seeing a boom in non-traditional sectors like: 

  • Healthcare
  • Construction 
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Transportation

New apps are popping up every day in places no one ever expected, and new opportunities are coming up all of the time, especially for skilled workers. Everyone from software developers to wellness workers are getting in on the chance to make side money. 

A lot of gig workers don’t want to go back to full-time work 

According to the same Forbes article, only 20% of gig workers want a full-time job. There’s a specific personality trait that screams, “I work for myself.” The gig economy perfectly harnesses that attitude because if someone is creative, an artist, a musician, they need the freedom to create their art without borders. The gig economy facilitates that. 

Right now, the name of the game is flexibility. People want to work their own hours and do what makes them happy. If we’re learning anything from how millennials focus their efforts, it’s based on how much free time they’re willing to compromise. 

People want a work/life balance, and many corporate jobs don’t have room for that perspective. 

If you’re considering joining us in the gig economy, we’d love to meet you. From day labor to long term relationships, we’ve helped thousands of workers get the job done. No matter what your schedule, there’s work available. Companies need help, especially in this tight labor market. With the holidays coming up quickly, you’ve got a lot of options to make 2023 a fantastic year.

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