Staffing Can Get Weird: When It’s Time To Change It Up

When you’re staffing, it can get complicated. There are so many factors involved – the dream is that everything runs at peak performance, but that’s rarely the case. Running a team without any hiccups is hard, people quit, markets change, and then there’s everything else.

How does an HR team handle it all? With patience (and a glass of wine) but also keeping ahead of the curve in a chaotic sector of the business. What does one do? Well, for starters, it might be time to get a new game plan, to think about what to do next.

But first, what are the warning signs the way you’re staffing just isn’t working?


You can’t find the right talent

If you can’t find the right talent, the work will suffer. There are only so many Craigslist posts one can make. Speed is a huge problem for a lot of companies, there’s work piling up and bosses don’t want to risk burning out the everyday staff. Finding the perfect fit sometimes can take weeks, or in ultra-specific fields, even months.

When you’ve exhausted all of your job board options, it’s probably time to find a solution like a staffing company or utilize the gig economy. There are resources for people looking to pick up short-term work rather than sign on for anything long term. A quick fix is better than no fix at all.


Turnover keeps happening

Turnover is part of the business world. Even the world’s best companies experience turnover. If you’re experiencing a high turnover rate, it’s probably symptomatic of an underlying issue. Is it the worker or the company? If you’re bleeding workers, it’s probably the later. While you sort out any internal problems, it’s again probably time to utilize short-term help while you fix any leaks in the company ship. Plus, once you’ve figured out the “why” you’ll be able to hire candidates that are a better fit instead of merely available.

If you’re in retail or in an industry with seasonable, predictive changes, you’re going to have to find a solution to keep a primary crew in order, but also bulk up when more customers annually come by.


Your recruiters flaked

Maybe you’re not finding the right people because internally, the team isn’t looking for the right candidates. Seems obvious, but totally possible. Consider re-thinking what the job is and what you could be looking for vs. what you’ve got scribbled down in the description. Maybe it’s a simple as a content tweak, otherwise, again, it might be time to consider using the gig economy to find the help you desperately need.

Did you find what you were looking for? What are your hard and fast rules when it comes to staffing? Do you have any horror stories or success stories when it comes to working with the gig economy to solve staffing needs? We’d love to hear about all of it. Send us a message or leave a comment. And for everything else, please check out the Adia blog.

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