Finding Staff for Events: Your Guide to Temp Staffing and Managing

Finding the right temp staff members is essential when hiring for events. To ensure that your event is executed perfectly, you may need to find reputable caterers, temporary employees, and other professionals. These staff members should be of the highest quality and be able to represent your client’s company appropriately.

Of course, it’s not always easy to locate and hire the perfect staff members for your event jobs. In addition, training multiple event staff members for multiple roles can be a burdensome and time-consuming process.

If you are looking for the best staff for your event planning and execution needs, look no further. This resource will provide you with the best information that event managers and planners use to organize their company or business events successfully. In this blog post, you will learn how to find, hire, and manage high-quality temporary staff members for your events.

What is Temp Staffing?

So what is temp staffing, anyway? Temp, or “temporary” staffing, is the act of utilizing workers for employment for a specific period of time or project basis. To hire temp staff for your job, you can access workers through a temporary employment agency, which will connect you with workers based on your employment needs.

Examples of situations where temp staffing is commonly utilized would be office work, clerical work, seasonal retail work, warehouse associates, gig work, and more. These situations often involve using temporary staff members for short-term assignments, like projects or seasonal work.


Why Should You Temp Staff for Your Event?

There are many reasons that one might have for hiring temporary staff for an event. First, employers can hire temporary event staff per project. This can be more cost-effective than hiring a staff member when you don’t know if they will be able to help with future events, and you would otherwise be keeping them on your payroll while waiting for staff events. 

Even when temp staff members aren’t hired on a project basis, employers can hire them over short periods. This is a convenient way of hiring the staff you need for events because you only have to worry about managing and paying for your staff for a set amount of time. 

Temp event staff arrangements are great for hiring for special events in this case, as certain professionals may only be utilized for certain event situations. In addition, adding temporary workers to your staff is excellent for scalability or seasonal needs since you can ensure that you have enough staff members when you have more business. 

Finally, it is generally more convenient to hire temporary staff for events, from a training point of view. Since temporary staff members are usually hired from temp agencies, it is easier for hiring managers to determine whether the staff would be trained and qualified for the job before hiring them. 

Therefore, you can locate workers with experience in the field who will require less training, saving your business time and money.

Types of Temporary Event Staff

Hiring temporary staff members is a great way to fill positions necessary for executing events. Below, you can read about some of the temporary event staff roles and types most commonly accessed through temp agencies. 

Bar Staff for Events

You can hire bar staff members through temporary work contracts for your events. These workers can fulfill various bar-related job duties and responsibilities, such as making alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and complying with safety and sanitation requirements. In addition, they provide friendly, professional, and prompt bar service to guests attending the events.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can be hired as temporary staff members to assist during events by advertising for your client’s brand and increasing sales. Additionally, event brand ambassadors foster friendly communication with event guests, build awareness for their brand or company, and work hard to represent their brand with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Hosts and Greeters

Hosts and greeters are often utilized as temporary event staff members. They welcome attending guests upon arrival to the event and ensure that they are seated appropriately. These workers may also be entrusted with providing additional services to ensure that the guests have a pleasant experience.

Street Teams

Street teams consist of workers who promote company or brand awareness through word of mouth and social networking. They must have excellent interpersonal skills and effectively communicate message points and brand information to consumers and guests attending events.

Waiting Staff for Events

Waiting staff members may be hired temporarily or on a project basis to serve guests at special events. These workers are responsible for waiting on and providing friendly and courteous service to all event attendees. Overall, they should be able to provide an enjoyable dining experience with high-quality customer service.

Hiring Temp Staff for Events: Best Practices

For those who may not have hired temporary staff for events yet, the new experience may seem daunting. Fortunately, we have provided the best practices for locating and hiring temporary professionals for your event staffing needs.

These practices can be applied to event managers who utilize temp agencies. For example, Adia is a staffing resource that employers and event managers can use to find responsible and quality temporary event staff members. Here is how you can use a temporary staffing agency to hire employees for your events:

  • Best Practice #1 – Know What You Need. It is important to assess the jobs that will need to be filled for your event to go off without a hitch. Determine what temporary roles and staff members you will need and the duration you will need them.
  • Best Practice #2 – Assess Your Budget. When considering which temporary workers may be best for your event, it is helpful to know how much you can afford to spend. Then you can determine whether a worker is within your spending range based on the rates they have provided.
  • Best Practice #3 – Describe Your Job. To attract appropriately qualified staff for events, you can develop a job description that reflects the needs of the job and what you are looking for in an ideal worker. For example, a waitress job description should inform potential temporary staff candidates of a waitressing job.
  • Best Practice #4 – Use A Staffing Resource. As previously mentioned, a staffing agency or resource can help you locate top-quality workers for your event. With Adia’s on-demand staffing platform, you can use your desktop or mobile device to sort through worker profiles to find individuals with the right qualifications for your temporary position. 
  • Best Practice #5 – Make Proper Arrangements. To legally hire staff members for your event, you will need to have the appropriate contracts developed and established. Some hiring platforms like Adia can help with this, so you can easily make arrangements to begin working with your new temporary staff members.

How to Manage Event Staff

Temporary staff members are different from long-term staff members in that they are hired under different circumstances than your regular event employees. As a result, not all management styles and practices can be applied to these temporary event staff members. Therefore, you should practice appropriate methods when managing these temp workers.

As a manager, you will still need to ensure that your temp staff members appropriately perform their tasks and duties. Additionally, managers may need to take on extra tasks for temporary event staff workers. Therefore, the following bullet list shows examples of methods and tasks typical with managing temporary event staff members.

  • Example #1 – Train Your Temporary Staff. The temporary staff members that you hire should have previous experience in their field of expertise for the job at hand. However, you should still provide any additional training necessary for the responsibilities and expectations of your specific job.
  • Example #2 – Properly Communicate Expectations. You should have a contract that appropriately communicates their job duties and responsibilities to manage temporary staff. The job description or project description should include this information as well as the length of the temporary work arrangement. 
  • Example #3 – Respect Your Temporary Staff Members. Temp staff will be working with you and your team throughout the duration of their contract. Therefore, you should treat them with respect, as during this time, they are taking on essential team roles.
  • Example #4 – Pay Your Temporary Staff. While every temp staffing agency is different, some provide ways to pay for your staff members through their online platform. Adia is an example of this, as managers can easily process payments to their temporary workers with the Adia online staffing platform.
  • Example #5 – Provide feedback. Once your temp worker has fulfilled their contract duties and is no longer working for you, you may then be able to provide feedback on the experience. The Adia staffing platform lets previous employers offer feedback on the staff they have hired, so other employers can consider this when hiring for their needs.

Need Help Staffing Your Next Event? Adia is Here to Help!

Using temporary event staff members can be a convenient and cost-effective way to support your special events. If you can hire and manage them appropriately, these workers can provide the right amount of professionalism and expertise to your jobs. 

While finding qualified staff for events can be difficult and stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Using a temporary staffing platform like Adia can make hiring temp workers quick and straightforward. 

Whether you need caterers, brand ambassadors, street teams, or other event staff members, we have the right professionals for your open positions. 

At Adia, we serve employers and workers through our temp agency in Chicago, our temp agency in Los Angeles, and many other temp agencies in additional locations across the United States! 

Visit us online today to learn more about Adia and how we can help you with your temporary event staffing needs.

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