Signs it’s Most Definitely Time to Find a New Job

Sometimes, when you walk into work, you absolutely do not want to be there. Sure, there are days when no one wants to be clocked in, but if you cringe the minute you walk in the door, that might be indicative of a bigger problem: it might be time to quit your job. 

It might be inept management, a poor environment, or the company is going nowhere fast, or maybe you’re you’re not passionate about the gig – whatever the case may be, only you know when it’s time to start looking for a new opportunity. One sure thing is that you should always follow your gut, even if you’re on the fence. If you’re feeling any of these things, it’s probably time to think about moving on, but also taking emotional stock of everything going on around you. Work shouldn’t be a prison sentence; it should be a place to professionally develop. 

You hate getting up in the morning

If you go to bed dreading the next morning, there’s a problem. No one said you have to love every second of the job, but legitimately hating the moment you wake up, knowing you have to be at work, it’s time to go. If you get there and you put off working as much as possible, that’s a warning sign. You should want to contribute and have your work appreciated. If you’re scrolling endlessly on Instagram, not a good sign. 

You’ve got more bad things to say than good 

Are you endlessly complaining about the work, the people, basically everything about your job? Your job should offer a sense of security and joy, not constant reinforcement of things to gripe over. 

You hit the ceiling 

If you’re growth oriented and there’s no room to move up, what’s the point? Some people are perfectly fine with making steady money, but ultimately, there are some that need growth. If you’re not learning new things to set up for success later, then what happens down the road? There are always new techniques, new systems to learn, by not embracing growth, may leave you feeling stagnant.

Your health is suffering 

Are you constantly sick? Are you always trying to take days off to “recover” even if the only thing you’re recovering from is the office? What about exercise and sleep? If the job is keeping you late for hours that are affecting either, that’s a problem. 

You took a job you shouldn’t have, and you know it 

Sometimes, we take jobs simply because we needed the job. If you’re overqualified and it’s blatantly apparent, job performance will likely suffer because you know you deserve better. If you’re stuck at a job just for a paycheck, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just know there’s other stuff out there, too. 

You have a bad manager

You’ve tried to connect, but it just isn’t happening. You’ve made adjustments to the conversation, tried to talk about things they like and still, nothing. If you continually are butting heads with your boss and the outcome is nothing but toxic. People leave managers, they never really leave jobs.  

The culture isn’t a fit 

If you’re a millennial who wants to work from home, enjoys a relaxed environment, you might not do well with an old school company with hard and fast rules. If you’ve tried to negotiate a schedule that works for your life, there are other places out there who are willing to work with flexibility. 

You’re not getting paid 

If that raise you’re after seems like it will never come, it’s probably not going to happen. If you know you can earn more somewhere, there will be resentment building, especially if you feel like you’re underpaid. 

If you have to justify it, it’s probably not that great 

There are a lot of times when leaving the job sounds better and better, but if you’re trying to justify where you stand, but it keeps coming back to defending a mean boss or a low paying gig, you might need to ask yourself – why? Jobs shouldn’t be like a bad relationship, they should be rewarding and offer something that nothing else in your life can’t fulfill. 

If you feel like any of these situations are relatable, it’s probably time to start looking for a new job.. We’ve always got jobs to help you figure out what you want to do next.

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