Restaurant Server Job Description

Servers are entrusted with essential responsibilities in the restaurant business, as their duties generally involve interacting with customers and creating positive dining experiences. When hiring quality servers for restaurant businesses, employers should develop a Server Job Description to introduce this employment opportunity to potential candidates. The job description should inform applicants of the server duties and job responsibilities expected for the role and the skills and qualifications necessary for the job. This resource describes the components of a professionally written job summary and includes a template exemplifying a properly executed server job description. An effective job description will make your readers interested in the position and well-informed on its important details so that you can attract the best workers possible for your business.

In this article, you’ll find the key elements necessary for crafting a compelling server role profile. Explore a handy template, packed with examples of typical duties, responsibilities, skills, and requirements for a restaurant server. Customize the template to suit your specific role, and if you’re hiring new servers for your restaurant, this resource was created to help you!


What Does a Restaurant Server Do? 

Restaurant servers must maintain the critical responsibility of providing quality service to visitors. As a customer-facing job, they represent their employer’s company through the services that they carry out for the restaurant customers. Such services involve maintaining a positive attitude when providing exemplary customer service and a welcoming atmosphere to restaurant guests. Therefore, hiring servers with great people skills is necessary to maintain the positive atmosphere of a restaurant establishment. Qualified servers must also carry out duties like serving food and beverages and performing other helpful tasks like recommending menu items and assisting customers.

The following Server Job Description template provides an example of a well-developed description for a restaurant server job. When creating a job description for your own business, you may use the template as a reference and adjust the details so that they more accurately apply to your company’s priorities.


Key Elements of an Effective Job Description

A suitably formatted job description should first include a paragraph explaining the job title and summarizing the offered position’s overall purpose, importance, and function. Providing this information will allow your readers to grasp the main takeaways from the position and know what to expect from the job. Following this should be sections that list a server’s duties and responsibilities and the skills and qualifications necessary for the role.

A well-written description for a server position should address the fundamental question on everyone’s mind: What exactly does a server do? It should detail the specific responsibilities and tasks associated with the role you’re promoting, as roles with similar titles can differ widely. For instance, a banquet server might have different responsibilities than a server at a small diner. Clearly outlining the job’s duties and required skills will help ensure that applicants are knowledgeable and qualified. Providing an accurate portrayal of the role in the description ensures that potential candidates have a clear understanding of what’s expected, helping them decide if it’s a career opportunity they wish to explore.


Server Job Description Example

We are seeking additional server staff members for our restaurant business. Exceptional customer service is a priority for our team members. Restaurant servers should deliver an exceptional dining experience to our guests and provide them with the best service possible. Qualified restaurant servers must have great people skills, the ability to recommend our menu options to clients, and the confidence to assist them with questions if need be. In addition, we expect our servers to deliver menu items to our customers while providing them with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Previous restaurant server or waiter experience is preferred but is not a requirement for this position. We are looking forward to hearing from qualified applicants who are passionate about creating a fine dining experience and being a helpful addition to our workforce team.


Duties and Responsibilities

Select which bullets you would like to keep and add any as needed.

  • Provide food and drink orders to customers accurately, quickly, and in a friendly manner.
  • Take customer food orders through order slips, memorization, or entering orders into our computer system to communicate order details to kitchen staff members.
  • Communicate with customers in a kind and friendly way.
    • Assist customers with the menu knowledge and making meal suggestions.
    • Check on tables to ensure that customers enjoy their meals and make accommodations to solve any customers’ issues as necessary. 
    • Collect and process payments from customers correctly and responsibly. 
    • Process payments with checks that include sales taxes and itemize meals per the customer’s preference. 
    • Assist other restaurant staff with responsibilities when needed, such as assisting kitchen staff with food preparation or bussers with clearing tables.
    • Check customer’s identification when they order alcoholic beverages.
    • Greet and escort guests to tables while maintaining a friendly and professional attitude.
  • Conduct identification checks before serving alcohol to ensure that the customers are of the legal drinking age. 

Skills and Qualifications

  • Ability to provide top-quality customer service in a fast-paced work environment (experience is preferred but is not necessary). 
  • An upbeat, friendly attitude, and the ability to work exceptionally under pressure with other restaurant staff members (such as bussers, hosts, and kitchen staff members)
  • Ability to carry out professional work duties and responsibilities without supervision.
  • Ability to handle money and process monetary transactions accurately and ability to operate a point-of-sale system.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to work in a busy, fast-paced environment and deliver orders to customers quickly and correctly.
  • Ability to stand on feet for extended periods of time and work in environments that may be hot or loud.
  • Ability to maintain a calm and collected attitude while performing work under pressure.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule that may include shifts on weekends, evenings, and holidays.
  • Ability to multitask when serving food, assisting guests with orders, and communicating with the kitchen staff.
  • Ability to work with fellow staff members as a team. Must have excellent communication and teamwork skills. 

Ready to Hire a Restaurant Server? 

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