Solutions for Holiday and Seasonal Jobs Hiring Challenges

For many organizations, seasonal workers can make the difference between a successful fiscal year and business failure. Various types of businesses rely on seasonal workers to provide effort and productivity in their busiest times when they need it most. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find the right staff at the right time, and some organizations struggle with hiring suitable candidates for their busy seasons. Read on, as this resource will look at some business onboarding practices and solutions to simplify the seasonal job hiring process in the future.

Common Seasonal Jobs Hiring Challenges

Hiring seasonal staff members can involve many complex challenges for employers. However, in most cases, the main issues that arise when onboarding seasonal staff positions can be classified as a lack of applicants and time to find them. 

Lack of Applicants

When hiring for seasonal positions, it may seem like there is never enough interest in the open role. The unique parameters involved with seasonal jobs can make it more difficult to drum up interest from qualified workers or any workers at all. 

A lack of appropriate candidates can be a result of poor job marketing. Some reasons why it may seem like there is a constantly insufficient amount of interest in the advertised position may be due to low pay, unsatisfactory compensation packages, harmful listings, and poorly written job descriptions. 

A lack of appropriate job applicants for your seasonal job position may indicate misplaced marketing efforts. Not marketing toward the target audience means that your ideal job candidates are less likely to learn about the open position, resulting in less interest from qualified applicants. 

Lack of Time

Part of what makes seasonal jobs so unique is requiring staff members to fill positions during peak time frames. Because of this, employers are left with a deadline for when they need staff and therefore have less time to find appropriate staff members to fill their open roles. 

A lack of time can make itself known in many ways and lead to insufficient practices when handling the onboarding process. For example, suppose your seasonal warehouse staffing is conducted without enough time to vet their job applicants carefully. In that case, you may end up hiring undependable staff members, resulting in wasted time in effort training them and an increased likelihood of your business suffering due to their unreliability, missed shipments and poor work ethic.

If you find yourself in need of seasonal staff members fast, using Adia’s on-demand staffing platform is a fool-proof way of vetting future employees. Adia’s system vets workers, so you’ll always have access to responsible and qualified staff members when your business needs them.



Best Practices When Hiring Seasonal Workers

Fortunately, there are many tried and true methods for locating the best possible working staff for seasonal jobs. The following solutions are intended to resolve the issues described in the previous section. This way, your organization will never suffer due to lack of time or applicants again. So, keep reading to learn about helpful strategies for gaining a reliable workforce for your seasonal business.

We used the retail sales associate position for the example below.

Write Good Quality Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are your most critical resource for creating interest for your seasonal job position, and simply advertising your open role with a generic “sales associate” description won’t cut it. Your job description needs to be well written to highlight your job’s perks and provide enough information to answer any potential questions a candidate for the sales associate position may have about the role.

Remember, your organization is likely one of several seasonal jobs hiring staff members. Therefore to stand out to seasonal job seekers, your job description should advertise your role effectively and be able to compete on job boards against similar postings.


Look For Seasonal Employees

While many qualified workers may be looking for open positions at any time, it is vital that you aim to hire seasonal employees specifically for your available role. Different job seekers will be looking for holiday employment that works well with their schedules. This may include students seeking summer jobs while on break from their schools, travelers seeking temporary positions, and other people with unique circumstances that have led to them seeking temporary employment. 

Therefore, your job listing should be optimized and geared toward these individuals to effectively gain their interest in your open seasonal job position. For example, rather than just indicating that you require staff for events, make sure your job description communicates your need for seasonal staff members for your event staff positions.


Use Tools for Hiring and Screening

The applicant hiring and screening process is critical to finding appropriate staff members for your seasonal position. However, this can involve various individual tasks. One way to simplify these processes for your organization is by using a third-party tool to aid in hiring and screening candidates. Third-party tools can be advantageous for these purposes, as they can reduce responsibilities for your onboarding team and often use advanced methods to vet potential staff members.

One example would be Adia’s platform, which enables employers to find and vet seasonal staff. The Adia on-demand staffing platform vets each of the workers on its database, taking the risk and guesswork out of seasonal staffing.


Hire Repeat Workers

Who can you trust more than yourself when it comes to finding the best quality workers for your seasonal positions? I mean to say that re-hiring repeat workers and supporting an agile workforce is an excellent way to ensure that you bring quality staff members onto your team. Since you have worked with them before, you can assess how well they performed in the position previously and gain a helpful idea of how they are likely to perform if you hire them once more. 

Additionally, re-hiring staff members means that your staff will likely have received job training for the position in the past, and therefore they won’t require as much effort to train and supervise them this time around. For example, re-hiring a retail sales associate from a previous busy season would mean that they would already have the training specific to the role, and they would be able to fulfill the retail sales associate duties and responsibilities required during your business’s busiest times.

Whether it be for retail sales associate positions or other roles, seasonal job positions often require a slightly different skill set than full-time positions. Therefore, workers with previous experience in seasonal roles likely already possess the skill set necessary for your job. Flexing their previously gained skills in your seasonal positions can make these workers a great asset year after year.


Make a Competitive Offer

As previously mentioned, many types of organizations require seasonal workers to support their business initiatives. Therefore, you are likely one of several seasonal jobs hiring in your area and competing to find and hire top-notch seasonal employees. To make your organization a viable choice among all of the options available to seasonal workers, you should offer a competitive compensation package. Employers should stay aware of current pay and benefits trends when deciding upon the compensation they wish to offer their seasonal employees. Keeping up with competitors by providing substantial compensation will help you gain the attention of qualified seasonal staff.


Your Best Shot at Finding Quality Employees This Summer 

Onboarding for seasonal jobs may seem complex, but you can easily create a dream team of seasonal staff members for your organization by practicing smart onboarding methods. Remember that your most significant challenges involved with seasonal staffing are a lack of time and interest. However, creating quality job descriptions, advertising to seasonal workers, utilizing hiring and screening tools, hiring repeat workers, and offering competitive compensation can address these difficulties.

If you would rather skip the trouble of finding and vetting seasonal employees for your organization, look no further than the Adia on-demand staffing platform. Adia’s onboarding system helps employers fill their open positions by matching them with qualified, pre-vetted candidates. The on-demand staffing platform is excellent for filling long-term, short-term, and temporary positions, making it a fantastic resource for staffing your unique seasonal jobs. In addition, Adia helps employers and workers all around the nation, so whether you’re looking for Chicago temp staffing resources or talent from a temp agency in San Diego, Adia has you covered. And if you use Adia, you never have to worry about running out of time to fill your positions, as the platform matches jobs with workers instantly so employers can connect with the right employees at the right time.

To learn more about the Adia on-demand staffing platform, visit our business page at You can also view our blog for more resources regarding staffing trends, job descriptions, and setting competitive compensation rates.

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