Retail Merchandiser Job Description and Template

Retail merchandisers are behind-the-scenes professionals who support their company’s merchandising operations and keep retail businesses running smoothly. 

While all roles in retail are essential to support a retail business, a retail merchandiser is a necessary aspect with a variety of duties and responsibilities that support the business’s success. Therefore, it is important to source qualified talent for your retail business’s open positions, including the retail merchandiser role.

Read on to learn how you can craft a retail merchandiser job description using templates and the information provided within this resource to attract qualified and highly skilled candidates to fill your open positions.

What is a Retail Merchandiser Job Description?

A retail merchandiser carries out many duties and responsibilities to ensure the proper management of a retail business’s merchandise. This role generally involves inventory monitoring, merchandising strategy planning, price negotiations, and other sales-related tasks.

Retail merchandisers act as representatives for your company and work closely to build constructive relationships and conduct business with various other members inside and outside of the organization. This can involve communication and/or collaboration with suppliers, customers, distributors, analysts, and additional retail professionals. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to select qualified workers to carry out all of the correspondence and important tasks involved in this role.

So, what is a retail merchandiser job description, and how can it help you attract a worthy candidate for your open position? 

Well, developing a retail merchandiser job description, also known as a retail service merchandiser job description, can enable businesses to get the word out about their open roles. A well-written retail job description should outline all of the relevant details pertaining to the role so that businesses can appropriately display them to advertise their open positions. 

This way, when workers see the retail store merchandiser job description listed on job boards, they will have all of the information they require to determine whether the role is right for them.

What You Should Include in the Retail Merchandiser Job Description

To create a well-developed retail merchandiser job description, you must include the correct information. 

A job description of a retail merchandiser will generally follow a standard format that contains various segments with vital details about the job. This should include the job summary, the responsibilities of the position, and the skills and qualifications that are necessary for the role.

In addition, you should provide all of the information that workers will want to know regarding the salary and benefits for their role and some background information about the company that they would be working for.

Job Summary

Within this section, you can provide a general overview of the job you are advertising. Summarizing the position here can enable the prospective employee to determine straight away whether or not the position is suitable for them.


Within the responsibilities section, you can list out all of the duties and tasks that your reader would be taking on should they land the position. This section would serve as a more in-depth representation of the retail merchandiser’s responsibilities for a retail services merchandiser job description. And remember, it is important that the information provided in this section serves as a truthful and accurate representation of the role! 

Skills and Qualifications

This part of your retail merchandiser job description will inform readers of the skills and qualifications that your company desires in a qualified retail merchandiser candidate. Of course, it is normal for employers to require some skills while only desiring others. Therefore, feel free to split this section into two separate lists containing “required” and “desired” skills and qualifications, depending on whether you would find them to be essential to the role or not. 

Salary and Benefits

Your ideal retail merchandiser job candidate may choose to skip past your job description without applying to it – if they do not see any incentive listed for them to fill the position. Therefore, you should always include all of the information regarding salary and benefits when creating a job description for your open role. This way, readers will be able to assess whether they are qualified for your open retail merchandiser role and whether they would be satisfied with everything that the role entails.

Company Overview

You should always remember to include some information about your company in your job description, so your potential employee can know what to expect as a member of your organization. This can help readers to understand how they would fit into the business and the vision of the company should they become hired as a member of your team.

Retail Merchandiser Job Description – Template

Job description templates can be helpful resources for companies to utilize and reference when developing their job descriptions for their open roles. Templates can also easily be altered to provide the appropriate details to accurately advertise your company’s open job position. 

Below, we have developed a retail merchandiser job description template that you can use as an example when you develop your own! This is a purpose-built template for a retail merchandiser job description that should result in the right candidate if used for your open position. 

Feel free to adjust the details of this retail merchandiser job description template so that it is an appropriate representation of your open role. 

Retail Merchandiser Job Description Summary 

We are a sales and marketing business looking for a Retail Merchandiser to join our growing team! At our company, we deliver products to customers and local retailers within the area. Our business strives to provide exceptional value and top-tier client services for our customers. We are looking for a worker who can maintain our company’s long-standing relationships with high-profile brands and partnerships with leading retailers. Additionally, this individual will be expected to provide inventory management, advertising, and point-of-purchase services for our business. Our company has established itself as an industry leader, and by working with us, you can further your career in a flexible and advantageous work environment!

Retail Merchandiser Responsibilities

The retail merchandiser will be tasked with scheduling meetings and visiting store locations within the area with the objective of facilitating vital relationships with store managers and professionals and communicating sales feedback at the store level.

Schedule events to show off new products, set up and break down materials at events, and work and plan events for product promotions.

Carry out tasks and work together with our business team to help us plan and reach our company’s organizational goals, foster our relationships with customers and business partners, and identify growth opportunities.

Arrange on-site meetings with customers, business partners, and retailers within the local market and promote new products and services to our organization’s new and existing customers.

Work closely with our research and development department to develop new products that will attract new customers and grow our consumer outreach.

Work together with distributors and personnel within our marketing department to plan successful product launches and product promotions, plan product presentations and position to prepare online sales websites and store shelves for shoppers, and ensure stockrooms are tidy and organized.

Manage the special-order process, ensuring order accuracy, on-time delivery, and handling any returns, and providing consistent, timely, and effective communication with customers and other staff members as necessary throughout the special-order process.

Provide high-quality customer service through the guest interface and by communicating appropriately and professionally to team staff members, vendors, and other departments, to address any challenges, misunderstandings, and customer complaints.

Effectively and accurately utilize our company’s web-based applications and software systems to create SKUs, establish pricing, track inventory, indicate work availability, receive work documentation and information, manage time, and receive merchandise. 

Monitor and manage the company’s inventory levels by restocking, placing reorders as needed, and conducting quarterly inventories while ensuring strict adherence to all of our company’s inventory policies and procedures.

Retail Merchandiser Required Skills 

  • Must have skills in basic computer use, including Sharepoint, Email, Microsoft Word, and Excel, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must be great at building trust and communicating with members inside and outside of the organization.
  • Must be able to advertise merchandise and services to store management and comfortable calling on customers.
  • Must be able to effectively manage your own territory and execute the tasks and job responsibilities assigned to you in a self-directed environment.
  • Must be a team player who can work effectively with peers and managers to accomplish work tasks and have the ability to respond appropriately to changes in direction or unexpected situations.

Retail Merchandiser Qualifications

One to two years of work experience in merchandising and/or retail

Great customer service skills, excellent communication skills, and strong organizational skills with attention to detail.

Qualified job candidates must be able to lift objects and merchandise up to a maximum of 50 lbs with frequent lifting and carrying of objects and products up to 35 lbs, and the ability to lift heavy objects up to 100 lbs with assistance from another staff member.

Candidates must have a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and reliable access to transportation (our company does provide mileage reimbursement).

Qualified candidates must be 18 years of age or older.

Retail Merchandiser Benefits

  • Competitive compensation that starts at $19 per hour. Your hourly rate is based on your experience and the job location.
  • Very flexible schedules and the ability to conveniently schedule work through our company’s online employee portal. 
  • The opportunity to advance your career with our strong internal promotion program.
  • Health insurance options which include no-copay telemedicine regardless of hours worked
  • Dental insurance options
  • Vision insurance options
  • Employee discounts on merchandise sold and distributed by our company
  • 401K program
  • Our company does provide mileage reimbursement for all necessary travel to fulfill duties during work hours.
  • The ability to manage yourself and be your own boss with little supervision in this position.

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Hiring a retail merchandiser for your company can do wonders in terms of your business outreach. Yet, this will only benefit your company if you hire a qualified individual for the job. Creating and using a retail merchandiser is a great way for employers to advertise their open retail merchandiser positions and attract workers that are qualified to fill the role. Job description templates like the one included here can be easily altered to include information that is relevant to your open position. By including the right amount of information within the subsections outlined in this resource, you can find and hire the right retail merchandiser to represent your company!

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