Material Handler Job Description and Template

Crafting a warehouse material handler job description sounds like a breeze until it’s time to do it. Everyone does a quick search for examples of job duties and responsibilities to make sure they aren’t missing anything. Save yourself the time of flipping through multiple sites, or coordinating with a temp agency, and use our material handler job description template. 

Adia is the leading on-demand warehouse staffing platform for the supply chain and we’ve recruited and employed countless material handlers. We’ll walk you through how to attract the types of candidates that meet your requirements and wean out the ones that won’t last more than a couple weeks.

Feel free to use the example and template below to plug in what’s relevant for your business needs and remove anything that’s not. If you have questions or want further assistance, you’ll see how to contact us at the end of this article. Best of luck! 

Material Handler Job Description Example 

We’re excited to bring on more material handlers to our existing team of warehouse staff. We’re looking for people that value responsibility and can handle a mixture of job duties like: managing stock and inventory, handling returns, preparing for shipments, and smaller tasks like picking/packing, loading/unloading, etc. 

If you are motivated, detail oriented, and ready to join our team, check out the material handler job duties and responsibilities below and apply today. 

Material Handler Responsibilities

  • Record keeping, data entry, stock management. 
  • Loading and unloading packages 
  • Manage returns and incorrect orders 
  • Pulling/packing for upcoming orders 
  • Adhere to customer requirements 
  • Monitor inventory and report shortages with great detail 
  • Use forklifts and pallets to organize stock 
  • Prepare and wrap orders, then assist in loading them in the trucks 
  • Document stock movements and changes in materials 

Material Handler Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • 1-5 years of previous warehouse experience preferred
  • 1-5 years of experience operating heavy machinery and equipment 
  • Valid and current forklift certification
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Efficient in fast paced environments 
  • Dependable and reliable, good time management skills 
  • Basic computer, math, and data entry skills 
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills 
  • Written and verbal communication skill 

Material Handler Job Description Template 

Above was a basic example of a material handler description. Now, we’ll dive deeper into each section of a job description and what important pieces to include. There’s no doubt that you’ll attract the best candidates if you follow the template below. 

Material Handler Job Brief 

First things first, give the candidate a really good, quick, “brief” of your company and what they’d be doing if hired. In just 2-3 sentences, candidates will have a general feel for the primary material handler duties, experience level required, and environment they’d be working in. 

Here’s your chance to sell your company’s personality and share anything exciting that would entice them to become a material handler at your company. 

Material Handler Duties and Responsibilities 

Be transparent in this section, even if it means including some of the responsibilities that aren’t so glorious. Candidates would rather get a full idea ahead of time if they’re going to enjoy the job or be qualified for it. Easily answer the question: What does a material handler do? 

  • Labeling and placing products with accuracy, recording the location of inventory 
  • Managing and maintaining stock and inventory 
  • Locating products listed on production orders during the delivery processes 
  • Complete technical documentation when handling returns 
  • Manage incorrect deliveries and replace damage goods 
  • Prepare for shipment by pulling, packing, loading, and securing products
  • Maintaining warehouse equipment, reporting any damage 
  • Conduct regular maintenance on frequently used equipment 
  • Record units shipped

Material Handler Requirements and Qualifications 

Clearly outline the educational, physical, communicational, technological requirements. Most entry level material handlers do not require higher education, but if you need someone with specific certifications like forklift, warehouse management, etc. you need to tell them here.

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
    • 1-5 years of previous warehouse experience preferred
    • Valid and current forklift certification
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Experience operating manual and power pallet jacks   
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and communicate with manager effectively 
  • Certification in warehouse management preferred, not required 
  • Deadline oriented with great time management skills 
  • Upholds safety standards on the floor and with team members 
  • Data entry skills and inventory management control 
  • Written and verbal communication skill 
  • Dependable and reliable, good time management skills 

Looking to Hire a Material Handler? Try Adia. 

Whether you’re hiring material handlers for a holiday or peak season, or full time, Adia can help. With our on-demand staffing technology, we can provide you with qualified, W-2 material handlers in no time. If you were using this example and template to write your own warehouse material handler job description, consider saving your time. 

Adia has a vetted workforce nationwide on standby, ready for their next job opportunity. Using our platform, you enter the duration of the job, the basic responsibilities, what their hourly pay rate is, and we send workers to the job matching your description. You can ditch your manufacturing staffing agency and never have to post another job ad again. 

Want to learn more about Adia’s on-demand staffing platform and how to eliminate hiring risk and costs? Schedule a demo to see it in action. 

Adia is an on-demand staffing platform that makes it easy for businesses to find and staff hourly workers. With Adia, you get full visibility into your workforce 24/7 and access to a worker pool 10x bigger than a staffing agency. No contracts, no middleman, and no red tape. When you need more staff, we’re here. Adia has staff all across America, including Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles!

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