How to Streamline Your Kitchen in 2020

Running a kitchen involves a lot of moving parts; there’s the front of the house, bulk ordering, menu planning, and all kinds of variables. And then there are people calling in sick, no-shows, customers splitting checks between fifteen people; it can get exhausting.

While there are a ton of variables when it comes to running a restaurant, there’s one thing you can take control of along with your kitchen manager or chef: streamlining the kitchen to run even smoother. If there’s one thing a chef or a head cook appreciates, it’s a clean, well-oiled machine in the back of the house. From mise en place to orders moving down the rail at a fast pace, the kitchen is not the place for disorganization.  

There’s a lot of tech out there that’s changing the game. Restaurants are making things move faster than ever, and every day, it seems like there’s new software or an app that’s helping do more with just a swipe. 

Faster payment processing 

One of the biggest challenges in payment processing is security and convenience. We can do anything with phones: tap payments, swipe cards, and much more. People expect the same level of service when grabbing a bite to eat. We’re seeing new POS systems pop up that are designed by service industry workers for maximum effectiveness. Some of them are on iPads that can move from table to table with the credit card swipe right there. 

It’s a no-brainer. POS should be able to: 

  • Split bills
  • Allow customers to tip individually 
  • Integrate with the back of the house 
  • Update menus in real-time
  • Generate data on customer orders 

The reason that POS is so crucial in this instance is that if the front can move fast, the back can crank out the orders or prepare for batches of something that’ll go quick.

Because these systems place a high value on data, they’re also looking at what people are ordering so you can keep stores stocked with what you’ll need. 

If you’re running a high-end establishment, you can track guest preferences and keep customer data to foster long-lasting relationships. Because the systems are designed for simplicity, you can hone in on the simple things like how a steak should be cooked or if the customer prefers sauce on the side. 

Keeping track of inventory 

Some of those POS systems can keep track of restaurant inventory, but there are also systems like QuickBooks Point of Sale, and Restaurant365 out there which track metrics that help the day-to-day operations. Some of the more innovative companies have features like:

  • Updating ordering in real-time
  • Tracking ingredients based on ordering usage (like a fish special, for example)
  • Take online orders 


Staff up with a click 

Getting slammed for the rush is no joke. Don’t mess around with staying in the weeds when you know the guests are going to keep coming. On-demand staffing is the easiest way to grab a few people to help keep tables bussed, or the dishes washed, really, whatever you need. Using the platform is super simple. Plus, it’s actually affordable.

By knowing what customers want, the restaurant can get its best work accomplished. 

The next-gen of kitchen management is here, and kitchens everywhere are plugging into the cloud to see the next level of how to move customers through at a faster pace. 

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