How Much Do Bartenders Make? Average Bartending Salaries in 2021

Bartending can be an excellent profession for creative individuals with good people skills. When considering a bartender career, you should determine how much bartenders earn and whether an average bartender’s salary can support your lifestyle. To accurately discover how much bartenders earn on average, there are many different factors that you must consider.

In this piece, we will be discussing the average bartender’s wages and the average bartender’s salary with tips while considering factors that influence how much they can earn. These factors include the bar or dining establishment location, the type of bar/establishment, the variety of shifts worked, and the worker’s skill level. 

So, whether you are an existing bartender looking to evaluate your current salary compared to others, or an aspiring bartender curious about pursuing this path, this article can help answer your questions about this creative profession.

A Few Things to Note About the Average Bartender Salary

When determining how much you could potentially earn as a bartender, you should remember that some of the factors to determine this may be out of your control. However, a lot of revenue for bartenders can be earned through tips from satisfied patrons. 

Therefore, improving your job performance and becoming a better bartender will definitely help you bring home the big bucks.

Factors that are out of your control that may affect your revenue in this position can involve your work environment and skill level. 


A critical factor that can determine the amount of money a bartender can expect to earn would be their work location. The city where their business is located can significantly impact the amount of customer attention the establishment gets and how much pay the bartender would receive. 

For example, bars that are located within places that are popular tourist destinations or busy cities likely would receive a lot of business from customers. A city with more visitors would mean more opportunities for bartenders to make tips and likely more need for bartenders to work longer shifts.

So whether you wish to relocate for your job or stay in your current city, you should ask yourself how much do bartenders make in this area, to see if you can use this information to estimate how much you would be able to earn in this position.

Type of Bar

The type of bar that a bartender works at can have a strong impact on the pay that they can earn. For example, bars that are located within restaurants that serve food have more options for customers than bars that only serve drinks. More options for customers may attract more paying customers visiting the establishment. 

Additionally, many bartenders earn more money working at bars that provide entertainment, like arcades with games, clubs with dancing, or sports bars with televisions. When there is more opportunity for customers to enjoy themselves, this could mean that the bar can expect more business, and bartenders can expect more revenue. 

Type of Shifts

The time and length of a shift can affect an individual’s opportunity for a higher salary for hospitality work, including bartending. 

Bartenders who work during shifts that see a lot of customers, like weekend and evening shifts, can expect to make more in tips. Whereas shifts that take place during hours where fewer people usually visit bars for drinks, such as a slow lunch shift, may not yield as much revenue. 

So, if you’re someone who values having evenings and weekend days to themselves, you may want to consider how this could negatively affect your income as a bartender. However, you can expect more tips and overall earnings by choosing instead to bartend during this time.

Skill Level

As with most positions, for bartenders who wish to increase their earnings, skill level and experience matter. The skill level of a bartender can affect their income, especially in tips. If you mess up orders or take a long-time to serve your customers, they may be less inclined to pay a higher tip. 

Additionally, managers may consider your skill level when creating schedules and choose to give newbies or unskilled workers fewer hours or less popular shifts to avoid customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen your skills if you want to get ahead in this job. 

And remember that even if you are a newbie who is just beginning your career as a bartender, as you continue to gain experience, you can expect to make more competitive wages as you progress in this position.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the factors that can impact a bartender’s salary let’s discuss some of the biggest questions about how much bartenders can actually expect to make.

Do Bartenders Make Good Money?

So how much do bartenders make? If you are wondering whether bartenders make “good” money, the answer isn’t so straightforward. The amount of money bartenders can make in their position is subject to things like the amount they make in tips and how much revenue they can bring home per hour or paycheck.

How Much Do Bartenders Make in Tips Each Day?

According to data provided by the current National Average amount for a bartender in the United States to make is $150 in tips per day.

The average amount of tips received per day can vary between locations and can be affected by factors including the bar type, shift hours, and the experience level of the bartenders.

How Much Do Bartenders Make an Hour?

The data provided by tells us that the current hourly salary for a bartender in America is $13.62.

The outside factors that could impact this figure may include the bar type, the shift hours worked by the bartenders, and the skill level of the bartenders.

How Much Do Bartenders Make Each Week?

The average amount made by bartenders weekly within the United States based on data provided by is $753.

Factors that may affect this amount may include the type and time of shift worked, such as whether the shifts occurred on weekends or evenings. Additional factors like skill level could affect how many hours an individual may have been scheduled to work per week.

How Much Do Bartenders Make Each Month?

The monthly average made by bartenders within the United States based on data provided by is $2,914.

This average amount may be subject to change based on factors such as the number of hours and shifts that each bartender worked.

How Much Does a Bartender Make a Year?

The data provided by tells us that the current National Average salary for a bartender in the United States is $41,154 per year.

This average number is generated from data gathered from across the country, and therefore many of the previously discussed factors could impact this average.

Average Bartender Salaries

So how much do bartenders make in different parts of the country? The average earnings for bartenders can vary based on the location of their work. In addition, the area in which the establishment of their employment exists can have its own qualities and factors that vastly affect the average customers’ behavior, and therefore the salaries or the bartenders who serve them. 

The following subsections further discuss the current average bartender salaries and tip numbers for bartenders in the most popular American cities based on data sourced from

What is the Average Bartender Salary in NYC?

The average bartender salary in NYC amount is $51,108 per year with additional compensation of around $200 in tips each day. Since New York City has a higher cost of living, this can explain why the average salary in that area reflects this. 

Additionally, the site is highly populated in general. This could mean that there are more potential customers and bar patrons, and therefore a higher demand for bartenders from bars/restaurants looking to keep up with customers.

How Much Do Bartenders Make in Chicago, IL?

The average bartender salary in Chicago, Illinois is $42,298 per year with additional compensation of around $200 in tips each day. This area is popular with tourists and people traveling for business, which can explain why the average bartender salaries are slightly higher compared to surrounding states.

How Much Do Bartenders Make in Miami, FL?

The average bartender salary in Miami, Florida is $41,157 per year with additional compensation of around $200 in tips each day. Because Miami, Florida is a popular tourist area, the bars likely receive lots of business from visitors, which could explain the high average daily tip amount for bartenders in this area. 

Miami is also home to multiple types of establishments that utilize bartenders here, such as resorts and beachfront restaurants, and these expensive businesses can yield high-paying customers.

How Much Do Bartenders Make in Las Vegas, NV?

The average bartender salary in Las Vegas, Nevada is $35,313 per year with additional compensation of around $168 in tips each day. While Las Vegas is a popular destination for tourists, the city is more commonly visited for its other attractions, like gambling. 

Therefore, one can conclude that the lower average salary amount in this area is due to a lack of intent to spend money on tips at bars, as visitors are more likely to be in the market to spend their money at casinos.

How Much Do Bartenders Make in Austin, Tx?

The average bartender salary in Austin, Texas is $44,118 per year with additional compensation of around $180 in tips each day. 

As the city with the second-highest average salary of those discussed in this article, we would be correct in concluding that the area is a popular destination for individuals who are traveling, and the cost of living in this area is slightly higher than average. Because of this, the annual compensation reflects this.

Ready to Make More Money Bartending? Let’s Talk!

Both bartending and waiting tables can be a lucrative job for individuals who enjoy fostering positive relationships with customers and perfecting their craft. However, when asking, “how much do bartenders make?” you should try to determine this through factors like job location, bar type, shift type, and skill level, which are all essential to consider. 

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