How Adia Helps Businesses Everywhere By Offering Our Workers a W-2

With a model like Adia, businesses can sidestep getting into tricky hiring situations thanks to how we structure our workforce. We put all workers on a W-2. No game playing with 1099s, no under the table rates, or guessing games. As soon as someone signs up, we vet and verify that worker, and immediately, they’re in the Adia community. 

We believe in treating our workers with respect and that starts with helping them deal with the ups and downs of taxes, paperwork, all of that stuff. Unlike ridesharing companies who’s workers go on strike, we’re all about empowerment. 

Love the W-2, it makes life easier 

When we say “assume the risk” we’re taking on all of the paperwork, and all of the stuff a manager just looking for some help doesn’t want to deal with. But, at the same time we believe in building a community of workers who want to keep working with us, so if a company needs help staffing a corporate luncheon and needs a few all-star bartenders, we’ve got long-standing relationships to utilize. We believe the W-2 factor sets us apart thanks to those workers coming back, knowing that they’ll be treated fairly and paid on-time.

One of the biggest perks of how we deliver our workforce via the W-2 is that the company doesn’t have to consider temporary insurance, worker’s comp, or dealing with an hourly breakdown of the work. We handle everything. Given that Uber and Lyft drivers recently went on strike, this adds a second layer of protection because we’re the ones handling any situations, but also paying a fair wage along with keeping track of all applicable taxes. 

If you’re staffing a big event, we can help by having an army of workers show up, get the job done professionally and promptly, with no hand holding. When the job is done, it’s done. Clocking out, timesheets – everything is in the app. These employees aren’t on your books. They’re hired on an as-needed basis, if it’s for a whole day or till the project is completed.

Pay attention to the details 

One thing workers and bosses alike need to keep in mind: when a worker is on a 1099, there are a lot of strict rules about how a worker is addressed, how their hours are kept, but also the conversations about ongoing work. A W-2 worker has an entirely different relationship based on clarity through someone like Adia. 

Plus, want a bigger perk? Taxes. 

Businesses can write off using Adia as an expense. 

From hospitality or the big game, Adia can help 

One of the most significant ways Adia can help is that by booking an hourly workforce, you can lessen employee burnout. Keeping your team sharp and dialed in, no matter what industry they’re in, is critical for the long run. Our team of pros can come in and move those boxes or help restock the supply room, but we can also help you man the registers, too.  Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to find a solution. 

Sound like you want to learn more? Sign up to join Adia as a business, and let’s get your team moving. 


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