Hiring Temporary Help Might Be The Best Thing Your Team Ever Did

Ask any recruiter and they’ll tell you one universal truth about the job: finding the right people for a position is hard. There are resumes to shuffle through, references to check, offers to be made, and then there’s usually the whole negotiation process, and then there’s still two weeks before that person starts – that’s if the person you wanted accepts the position.

Filling a role can take a long time. The longer a position sits open, the more it costs. Promoting a job, weeding out bad candidates, interviewing – all of these things take time and cost money. Think about it: while a recruiter is trying to find those A+ people to even interview, that’s work not getting completed, which in turn, clogs up the lanes for everyone else trying to get their jobs done.

If your team isn’t playing its cards right, what was once just looking for a new person to answer the phone could turn into a logjam thanks to everyone else having to pick up the slack.


How long does finding the right candidate take?

According to Bersin, the time it takes to fill a role has gone up since 2011. Back just eight years ago, it took 48 days, but in today’s crowded market, it takes over 52 days on average to get someone on the team. And keep in mind – this estimate is based on an entry-level employee.

One of the significant contributors for this is how many new jobs have been created, but also that we can see positions online with the swipe of a finger. Whereas in the past, someone would maybe hear about a company hiring through a friend, she can now look online and see what’s available to her – and on her terms.


Have you considered hiring someone temporarily?

Let’s say you’re seriously just too busy right now to deal with finding the right person. What if you just put that position on hold?

Let’s say you’re a chef whose kitchen is getting clobbered on the weekends thanks to a five-star review, but you don’t have the time to interview and hire new line cooks, what if you could get temporary help to at least navigate the new normal instead of drowning in order tickets?

Or what if you’re a small shop and need an extra set of hands, but are worried that bringing on someone full-time might too much, that there won’t be enough long-term work? These are valid concerns when you’re in business. Everything has to make financial sense.

While making a direct-hire is always nice, there’s a lot of love about hiring for right now, too. The American Staffing Association reported that staffing companies employ 2.8 million people.


Maybe it’s a try before you buy scenario?

Despite some folks’ ability to crush their daily work, sometimes, they don’t fit in with an office’s vibe. In the situations where culture is everything, some teams opt to try folks out for a little while before making them full-time staff. Places like bars or restaurants have a culture that the patrons expect if someone comes along and ruins that, it could ruin the business. You can interview someone a ton, but until they’re in the environment, that’s when their colors come out.  

One of the best things about working with a company like Adia we’ve got a pool of candidates already in-house, ready to go. Instead of shuffling through the stack of resumes, you can hop on the phone with someone who understands what you’re looking for and who’ll send you a few vetted candidates that can do the job immediately. Hey, might as well try before you buy. If someone is a fit there’s always bringing them on for the long run. The power is in your hands.

The thing about hiring someone temporarily is that the work is on your terms. It’s rooted in one truth: get this specific thing accomplished. Maybe it’s extra help for a one-time event, or support during the holidays, a construction crew needs some help on a big project, or summer is when your business heats up. Whatever your need is you can tailor the work and the schedule around what needs to be done. Some workers just want to help on their off-time or that they only pick up gigs now and again, but they’ve got exactly what you need. That kind of relationship is valuable when a hot new bar opens or a store experiences a boom thanks to a product selling extremely well.


Maybe you’re tight on cash

A temporary employee might cost you the same as a full-time employee in terms of their hourly wage, but a temp won’t need health insurance or all of the perks usually offered. All of that stuff adds up. A certain awesome company (us) can help with everything from time cards and benefits so you don’t have to.

Just sayin’

Maybe you need someone who does a “right now” kind of job

If you need someone who can do an exacting kind of work, finding a perfect fit could take a while. But, for the time being, there’s always the option of finding some additional hands to help till you’ve found that one-in-a-million employee who can do everything. This is a perfect way to evaluate temporary talent that could fill a critical role in the long run.

re you considering hiring some temp workers? Are you growing but the workers you’ve got can’t keep up? There’s a lot to unpack in the world of business, hiring, and finding that moment of Zen. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. For everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about the world, check out the Adia blog. If there’s something you’re dying to know, send us an email, we’d love to talk about it.

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