How to Find High Paying Part-Time Jobs


High paying part time jobs can allow you to enjoy convenient and flexible schedules, bring in additional cash after your full-time gig, and can help you make extra money when you need it. However, not all part-time jobs are created equal. While they do provide flexibility, part-time jobs do not always pay workers enough to get by, especially when they aren’t working full-time hours. 

This article offers ways that readers like you can approach part-time work intelligently. Together we will explore the reasons you may wish to take on part-time work, how to find part-time opportunities that pay well, and the different types of lucrative part-time jobs you may choose to pursue.



Why You Should Work Part-Time


Part-time work can offer numerous benefits for employees. As previously mentioned, some of the advantages that high paying part time jobs present involve flexible schedules. Since part-time workers don’t have to work regular full-time hours, they are not restricted to 8-hour workdays Monday through Friday. This means that workers will have more free time away from their jobs to enjoy or fill with other activities. For individuals that need extra money, part-time positions make it possible to set their own schedule so that they can work at multiple jobs. The schedule flexibility is also advantageous for workers with other essential and time-consuming commitments, like educational courses or parenting responsibilities. If you take on a part-time job and decide you are financially comfortable, these positions can also enable you to adjust your working hours to remain hired by the company but dedicate less time to working there.

Another key advantage to part-time positions is that they often provide workplace benefits. Part-time workers can still be entitled to many of the workplace benefits offered by their employers if they work there, such as pension plans, pay rates, holidays, training opportunities, promotions, insurance plans, and more.

Finally, people who work part-time often experience less stress than full-time workers. Since part-time work is generally less demanding and time-consuming than full-time work, employees can feel less burdened by their jobs, experience less burnout, and may have better health.


Finding Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well


So how can someone find a part-time job or an hourly wage that is worthy of their time and effort? First, remember and prioritize the key beneficial factors involved with part-time work: flexibility and profit. Profit can include compensation package benefits and extra money earned through tips, but this article will focus on the salary aspect of part-time positions. Below are some of the most common methods that one may practice while job-hunting to find part-time jobs that pay well, such as networking, viewing job listings, and working with Adia.




One method that you can use to find high-paying part time jobs is through networking. Networking is the process of interacting with other people to form professional social contact that may lead to job opportunities. However, while networking can be very beneficial for some lines of work, it is not commonly utilized to find part-time work. This is because networking can be a tedious and time-consuming process that generally requires more effort than necessary to find a part-time position. So while networking could help you land a part-time role, it may not be the easiest and fastest route of action.


Job Listings


A popular way to identify and locate part-time work opportunities is by searching through job listings. Job listings are an advertised list of open job descriptions that provide job-seekers with information about work opportunities. Job listings can have great opportunities; however, finding them is not always easy. Many different websites and sources provide job listings, and each one can contain numerous new jobs each day. This can make it challenging to sort through and find ideal job opportunities. Additionally, sometimes job listings, particularly those found online, can provide fake or misleading information. Between searching through tons of listings and posts and avoiding potential scams, job listings can waste a lot of time for job seekers looking for a job opportunity fast. 


Work with Adia


Another method that you can use to find the highest paying part-time jobs is through staffing platforms like Adia. Adia is a staffing platform that lets job seekers access work opportunities in their area in various professional industries, including hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, construction, retail, and more. Job seekers can get started quickly by creating an account to view and sort job opportunities that match their qualifications and experience. Adia helps employers reach workers with flexible, freelance, temporary, and even long-term positions that they need to fill. The system takes the stress from the onboarding and job search process, as job seekers only need to find jobs within Adia’s intuitive platform. From there, Adia’s services will handle the onboarding process and enable workers to get paid quickly and securely through the site. The Adia onboarding platform simplifies and streamlines the hiring process and is a highly reliable strategy for finding part-time work.

8 High Paying Part-Time Jobs to Consider

So, what high-paying part-time jobs exist? Well, part time work schedules can be advantageous for workers that require flexible hours and for jobs that exist outside of regular nine-to-five shift times. Read on to learn about some of the best part-time job opportunities for workers who want to set their own flexible schedules and generous paychecks. 

And P.S.: All of the jobs covered below are available through the Adia staffing platform app, so workers like you can get started ASAP.


1. Bartender


bartender high part time paying job


Bartenders are responsible for addressing the needs of patrons at their dining establishment and creating and serving guests according to their establishment protocol and company specifications. Bartenders are generally tasked with creating and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages according to company specifications to the establishment’s guests as their primary duty. Additional responsibilities may include taking orders, checking guest i.d.s, keeping the bar environment tidy, restocking the bar’s ingredients and dishware, providing bar food to guests, and more.

Standard requirements for becoming a bartender involve people skills and teamwork skills. In addition, bartenders should be outgoing, personable, friendly with guests, and thrive in a fast-paced environment. The essential training and education requirements to work in bartending positions may differ based on the laws within the area or state where they will be working. This may involve getting a bartending license from an accredited institution. 

The median wage for bartenders was $26,350 per year or $12.67 per hour in 2021. However, bartenders can also earn extra money through tips for their services.


2. Restaurant Cook


A restaurant cook creates food and beverages for restaurant guests based on their orders. They may also need to cater events held at the restaurant. Restaurant cooks work as a part of the kitchen staff to create meals, communicate with wait staff regarding orders, and keep the kitchen area tidy.

Restaurant cooks generally require related job experience, and the ideal person suited for this position should have a developed palate and be able to work well in stressful situations. Additional qualifications like food service certifications may be required depending on the laws existing where the job takes place and the requirements determined by the employer.

The median wage for restaurant cooks was $29,120 per year or $14.00 per hour in 2021.


3. Warehouse Worker


warehouse worker high part time paying job


Warehouse workers can earn a high wage working in their positions part-time. These professionals are tasked with many duties that may include receiving, unpacking, and processing warehouse orders, restocking shelves, accepting incoming orders, counting inventory, and ensuring the timely shipment of orders.

Warehouse workers may receive on-site training and should be collaborative team workers with strong problem-solving skills and excellent moral character. Some positions may require workers to have high school degrees, be over 18 years of age, and complete a background investigation and drug screening. Proven working experience as a warehouse worker is beneficial for landing this job as well as proficiency in inventory software systems, forklift operation certification, and the ability to lift heavy objects.

The median wage for warehouse workers was $30,320 per year or $14.58 per hour in 2021.


4. Customer Support Associate


Customer support associates are responsible for representing their hiring company by interacting with customers to handle orders, address complaints, and provide information about the company’s services and products. They also answer questions and process requests from customers. 

Customer support associates may require a high school diploma or equivalent to be hired in this position. Additional skills and qualifications may include strong people skills, data entry skills, organization, and previous customer service experience. The ideal candidate for this part-time job should be patient, friendly, and willing to put the customer first.

The median wage for a customer support associate was $36,920 per year or $17.75 per hour in 2021.


5. Hotel Concierge


hotel concierge high part time paying job


A hotel concierge welcomes guests to a hotel upon entrance. They should service guests by assisting them with their needs and making them feel at home. Hotel concierges may also be responsible for making reservations for hotel guests and assisting with upselling guest rooms, services, and amenities provided by their hotel establishment. 

A hotel concierge must possess a professional presentation and outstanding people and customer service skills. Previous experiences as a concierge may be required. Hotel concierges should also be people-oriented and maintain interest and knowledge of the local area.

The median wage for a hotel concierge was $37,450 per year or $18.01 per hour in 2021.


6. Retail Sales Associate


A retail sales associate is responsible for working within a store to generate enthusiasm about new store sales, products, or promotions. Retail sales associates help customers with questions and provide appropriate suggestions as needed. They work together with other store staff members as a part of a team to maintain store stock and clean and organize each area within the store. They may also be tasked with the duty of processing purchases and returns.

This position may require a high school diploma or general education degree (GED) and/or sales experience or customer service experience. In addition, a qualified candidate will have strong verbal communication skills, great people skills, and be approachable and dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

The median wage for a retail sales associate was $29,180 per year or $14.03 per hour in 2021.


7. Restaurant Server


Restaurant servers help guests at dining establishments by taking their orders and serving them their food and beverages. Restaurant servers should be able to assist guests with questions about the menu and menu items and may be required to upsell products when possible. Servers should also take payments from guests, communicate guest orders with kitchen staff members, and may also seat customers and assist with cleaning and bussing. This is also a position where workers can earn extra cash through tips.

Essential training or education may be required for this position based on the rules and regulations outlined by the employer or the laws within their state. Restaurant servers should be efficient in their jobs and able to multitask to serve multiple guests at once.

The median wage for a restaurant server was $26,000 per year or $12.50 per hour in 2021.


8. Cleaner


Cleaners can serve in a wide variety of workplace locations. They are generally tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of an area. Their duties may include mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming floors, dusting surfaces, and sanitizing kitchens, bathrooms, or other sites. They may also be required to stock and supply facility areas, carry out deep cleaning and detailed sanitation processes, and inform management of necessary repairs.  

Cleaners generally do not require any training or education qualifications to be hired, though previous cleaning experience is preferred. Additionally, some places may require cleaners to be over 18 years of age, have drivers licenses, or have a high school degree or equivalent. An ideal candidate for a cleaner job should be attentive and have good time-management skills.

The median wage for a cleaner was $29,760 per year or $14.31 per hour in 2021.



Need Help Finding a High Paying Part-Time Gig?

As demonstrated by the job examples provided in this post, there are many part-time positions that one can take on to earn extra wealth. However, we know that looking for part-time work can be stressful as a job-seeker. This is why at Adia, we provide fast and straightforward resources to match freelance workers with open part-time positions. With the Adia online staffing platform app, you can quickly start earning cash in part-time jobs. Visit us online to get started or receive more information about our easy, safe, and reliable staffing service.

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