Food and Beverage Manager Job Description and Template

Restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and many other business models provide food and beverage services for their patrons. All staff in a food and beverage industry business are essential, as they all have vital roles and responsibilities that keep the establishment running smoothly. Therefore it is crucial to hire the right kind of workers to serve in each position, including the food and beverage manager.

 In order to ensure the safety and quality service of these establishments, business owners employ food and beverage managers as a key leading component of their workforce teams. But how do these employers source qualified candidates to take on this essential role? For this, many turn to job descriptions as a way to get the word out about their open positions and attract the right applicants.

Read on to learn how to write a winning food and beverage manager job description that outlines the vital details necessary for recruiting the right talent on to your team!


What is a Food and Beverage Manager?

So, what is a food and beverage manager, anyway?

A food and beverage manager (also commonly called a food and beverage director) is a professional who is responsible for coordinating and organizing the operations of a dining establishment. This career can involve planning, controlling, forecasting, and ordering food and beverages within the budget of the establishment and to the highest standards possible.

As a food and beverage manager, the individual in this position should be able to lead their teams and collaborate with the other staff members around them. Therefore, a food & beverage manager must be well-suited for the role, as their duties are vital for keeping the employing establishment’s operations running smoothly.


What You Should Include in the Food and Beverage Manager Job Description

Job descriptions can be an excellent resource for attracting qualified talent for your hospitality industry roles. Whether you are developing a job description for restaurant staffing purposes or to source talent for a different type of hospitality sector business, a food and beverage job description will provide a clear and concise representation of your role to potential candidates!

In order to create an effective job description, you must ensure that it contains the vital information necessary to accurately depict the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications for your role. There are many components that should be included within a well-rounded job description, so let’s discuss how one would create a food and beverage manager job description to bring in the right candidate for their open position.


Job Summary

Begin your food and beverage manager job description by providing your readers with a brief general overview of the position. This section should summarize the primary purpose of the role, and it serves to help the prospective employee to figure out whether the job is suitable for them straight away.



The responsibilities section should be included next. Employers should use this section to provide a more in-depth view of the duties of a food and beverage manager. Describe the acts and processes that the position entails on a daily basis, and present this within a bullet-point list. Also, be sure that you provide a truthful representation of the role, as this is important for informing your reader of what they can expect if they are hired for this job.


Skills and Qualifications

The skills and qualifications section should consist of a bullet-point list of the qualities that you would find most preferable within a role. However, while some food and beverage manager skills may just be desired in a candidate, others are likely crucial to their success in carrying out the position. Therefore, this section can also be split into two lists of “required” and “desired” skills and qualifications, depending on whether these qualities are essential or not.


Salary and Benefits

Employers should always include all of the information regarding salary and benefits when listing a job for a food and beverage manager. This section can provide information about the food and beverage manager salary, as well as other compensation package information regarding benefits and job perks. This section should serve to entice potential applicants and help them feel comfortable knowing that they will be appropriately compensated and valued as a part of your organization!


Company Overview

The company overview section should tell your potential food and beverage manager a bit about your organization. In addition, some information about your business can be beneficial to include in the food and beverage manager job description, as your potential employee should understand how they fit into the business and the vision of the company. Therefore, include general information about your organization, how it operates, and what it stands for.


Food and Beverage Manager Job Description – Template

Now that you have a general understanding of what to include in a food and beverage manager job description, you can begin to draft up your own! Feel free to use the food and beverage manager job description template included below to aid you in this process. This is a purpose-built template for a food and beverage manager job description that should result in hiring the right candidate!

In order to use this template successfully, include and adjust the information provided within each section as they apply to your open role and organization.

Food and Beverage Manager Job Summary 

A Food and Beverage Manager is a key member of our company’s management team. The individual hired within this role will be directly responsible for overseeing all food and beverage processes for the organization. In addition, this individual must go above and beyond to meet and maintain guest satisfaction by managing the food and beverage operations and leading the other food and beverage staff members to provide positive guest experiences for our patrons. This includes implementing budgets for the food and beverage departments and hiring, training, supervising, and providing leadership to all of the related food and beverage team service members and related staff. 

Food and Beverage Manager Responsibilities

  • Interact and communicate with the guests and patrons to ensure they have had an enjoyable experience and appropriately respond to their needs (including compliments, complaints, insight, concerns, and suggestions and take appropriate action).
  • Assist in the recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, disciplining, and managing of other food and beverage staff members, including servers, bartenders, back-servers, bussers, and hosts.
  • Maintain appropriate sanitation procedures for food handling safety, and obtain and maintain any required food handling certificates that may apply to the position.
  • Manage and oversee all food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food to ensure that all food and beverage products are prepared and presented to guests in an acceptable manner.
  • Create, implement and execute new ideas, methods, and processes to enhance the guests dining experience. 
  • Manage all food and beverage team operations within the organization’s budget guidelines and to the highest possible standards for patrons. 
  • Manages and maintains all food and beverage department budgets, payroll records, and financial transactions to ensure that expenditures are appropriately authorized and budgeted.
  • Provide superior customer service to establishment patrons by responding quickly and appropriately to any questions or concerns regarding food product quality, dining service, or establishment accommodations.
  • Facilitate healthy communication and a nurturing environment for fellow food and beverage staff members with an emphasis on motivation, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of the process for serving alcohol within the premises and conduct alcohol and age restriction control in accordance with organizational policies.

Food and Beverage Manager Required Skills 

  • Must possess strong customer service knowledge and interpersonal skills in order to provide high respect and a welcoming environment for all customers and fellow food and beverage team members.
  • Must possess the ability to pass all certification tests to meet health department and organizational standards as required for the food and beverage manager role (a Managers Food Handling Certification, Alcohol Beverage Servers Certification, TAMS Certification, and/or Tuberculosis Clearance Certification (CA) may be required for this role)
  • Must have strong organizational, oral, written, and interpersonal communication, leadership, and analytical thinking skills, as well as a strong appreciation for diversity within the workplace (thought, ethnicity, gender, etc.).
  • Must be able to maintain a customer focus and possess experience in anticipating and meeting customer needs and responding appropriately and professionally in a variety of workplace settings and situations that may arise as a part of this role.
  • Must be able to execute all food and beverage operations within budgetary guidelines to maximize organizational revenue, maintain customer satisfaction, and encourage employee engagement.

Food and Beverage Manager Qualifications

  • Qualified candidates must possess a High School Diploma or two years of related career experience in a food and beverage supervisory role; or an equivalent combination of higher education and related career experience in a food and beverage supervisory role.
  • Must be comfortable standing, sitting, walking, bending, twisting, stretching, climbing, lifting, and squatting for extended periods of time, and must have a high level of mobility/flexibility in small spaces.
  • The employee must be able to carry out exceptional organizational practices and multi-tasking abilities without breaks during busy business times. 
  • Must be able to lift and/or move up to 100lbs of weight with assistance.
  • Must have proficiency in Microsoft Office programs (Outlook, Excel, Word & Publisher).

Food and Beverage Manager Benefits

Job Type: Full-time hours and flexible scheduling (mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekend hours)

Pay: $20.00 – $25.00 per hour commensurate with experience and education


  • 401(k) Plans
  • 401(k) Matching
  • Dental Insurance Plans
  • Employee Discount
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Life/Disability Insurance Plans
  • Employee Discount Travel Program
  • Paid Time Off for vacation time and personal days (sick leave)
  • Vision Insurance Plans
  • Cross-training and Career Development Opportunities
  • Employee discounts on company purchases and one free meal per shift
  • Bonuses


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Food & beverage managers are essential to the excellence of a hospitality business, which is why it is so vital to hire the right staff members to lead and confluence your workforce team. A job description can serve as an effective way to carry out your hospitality staffing, should you include the necessary information as outlined within this resource.

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