Event Technology is Evolving at the Speed of Light

Technology is changing everything about event planning. Everyone in the industry knows that a smoother process only increases attendance and cuts costs way down. And just like all things, new methods and apps are changing everything. 

So, what’s next?

5G is going to change everything

The network you’re already connected to via your cell provider is fast. In some cases, it’s faster than a shaky WiFi connection. Every big bump in speed and reliability only makes for a better network, and that’s exactly what 5G will bring

We’ve still got a little bit to go in terms of full adoption, but considering how fast we’re moving right now, 5G will be the game-changer. Developers will be able to do things they’ve only dreamed about. When it comes to event staff, everything will change because: 

  • Attendees will be connected to a broad-reaching network 
  • It will be easier to set up WiFi in different spaces 
  • There will be new ways to communicate to attendees 

Vanessa Ogle, CEO of hotel tech company Enseo, said, “5G will be mainstream within the next three to five years in most major metropolitan areas. Hoteliers should be looking to redeploy their network investment into ‘smart’ investments now that can easily be repurposed for things like IoT smart room features that will still be relevant even when 5G is in full swing.”

Branding everything is the next thing (even more so)

We all use apps. They’re an everyday thing. Branded apps will only get smarter; they’ll curate an ecosystem to communicate with attendees on their phones, which strengthens an already personalized experience. These apps will be able to offer ticket upgrades, personalized agendas, poll crowds, and more, which will all help foster a unique, personal experience. Plus, developers can upload maps and other information that caters to the event. 

Projection mapping is the next big thing 

Google the Sydney Opera House. Images are projected onto the exterior of the building, giving it a completely different look and feel throughout the summer. Projection mapping can change how any space looks and feels. At Disney World, the look and feel of the castle shifts and changes to each themed show. 

Imagine when the technology becomes more affordable; logos, branding, and what was once a brick façade will be something completely different now. 

Event diagramming is also a new frontier 

What will the rooms and the event space look like? This can all be planned down to the finer details. Instead of walking the room to try and figure out the angles, maps can be read by exact dimensions, eliminating a ton of guesswork. Plus, since everything is in the cloud, projects are collaborative. Soon, you’ll be able to upload floor plans long before the event, create seating charts, and manage every detail.

It’s worth noting that event diagramming has been around for a while, but because technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, its abilities are better than ever. (Think about when having a calculator watch was a big thing. Today, we carry around PCs in our pockets. Not the same ballgame.) Now, rooms can be mapped down to the smallest fragment of an inch, as opposed to giving or taking a foot or two.

There’s a lot of new technology emerging in the event space. Long gone are the days of “just an empty room.Today, there are a ton of things event managers can do to liven up the space. (If you need help getting the space set up and to the next level, we can help.)

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