Dishwasher Job Description & Template

To function together as a team, all business members need to be qualified and effective in performing their job duties. Dishwashers are essential for foodservice industry businesses, and a dishwasher job description can help enterprises find skilled workers. 

A job description is a fantastic tool for attracting candidates capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of a position. Providing a position summary and description as demonstrated here can inform potential applicants on the ins and out of the dishwasher job position. Employers and recruiters can use this job description template to help them fill their dishwasher positions.

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What Does a Dishwasher Do at a Restaurant?

In a restaurant job setting, dishwashers ensure cleanliness and sanitation for the business’ clients. Dishwashers are members of the kitchen team, and in addition to cleaning, they assist the kitchen team by stocking the tools and dishes necessary to create food products for customers.  Typical dishwasher job responsibilities include communicating with and working alongside kitchen and dining room staff to ensure each guest has a positive dining experience and can enjoy their meals on clean dishes with spotless cutlery. The following Job Description template was specially created to help employers and recruiters to find the right worker for their dishwasher position. The Dishwasher Job Description can be used as-is or adjusted based on the priorities of the company.

What to Include in the Dishwasher Job Description

To create a practical job description for dishwasher recruitment, you should include elements that will give your readers a good understanding of what to expect in the role. This should consist of the dishwashing duties and responsibilities, the work environment, company details, and necessary skills and qualifications for the job.

Dishwasher Job Overview

The job overview subsection should serve as an introduction to the job description. It should provide readers with a short summary of the overall purpose, importance, and function of the role for which you are hiring.

Dishwasher Responsibilities

In this subsection, you may include details outlining the specific day-to-day responsibilities of the dishwasher position. You can format the dishwasher job duties in a bullet point list, as this is the most practical way to present the information to your readers.

Dishwasher Skills and Qualifications

Hiring managers can use this subsection to list the skills and qualifications preferred by the ideal candidate for the offered dishwasher role. It is easiest to provide this list in bullet point format, as well, and if any skills are requirements and not just desired in a potential job candidate, you can specify that in this subsection as well.

Work Environment

Here is where you will provide any information about the work environment your worker will utilize should they be hired to fill the position as a dishwasher. Relevant details about the type of restaurant may be included here (such as fast food, upscale, etc.). Information about the area in which the restaurant is located may be helpful as well.

Compensation and Benefits

In this subsection, employers/recruiters should inform the reader of all relevant details about the compensation and benefits of the position. This can include time off policies, pay schedules, information about training opportunities and possible promotions, and anything else that can be seen as a positive perk to joining your work team.

Company Overview

The company overview subsection should include any relevant information about the company and its business practices. For example, explaining the company’s values and teamwork ethic can help potential applicants better understand the role.

Dishwasher Job Description Template

To help you develop a useful job description, we have provided the dishwasher job description template below. Hiring managers can utilize this template to fill positions for their dishwasher jobs. They can adjust the template to apply it to their company’s values or use the template as a reference when creating their job descriptions.

Dishwashers Job Overview

We are currently recruiting workers to fill the role of a dishwasher for our restaurant. We are an equal opportunity employer that values quality service and dedication to our customers.  Qualified candidates should demonstrate a positive work ethic, possess excellent teamwork skills, and have a healthy sense of pride in a job well done. Former experience as a dishwasher is helpful but not necessary.  In our team, we prioritize integrity and compassion for our guests and each other. If you are interested in joining our exciting work culture and friendly work family, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dishwasher Responsibilities:

  • Wash dishes, pots, and cooking equipment in a safe and timely manner.
  • Restock and properly store and handle cookware, dishes, glassware, and silverware, etc., safely to prevent breakage.
  • Maintain proper cleanliness and sanitation of all kitchen areas by sweeping, mopping, and wiping counters.
  • Remove garbage/recycling in kitchen and outside areas and place in appropriate receptacles.
  • Use and apply all chemical cleaning products in a safe manner.
  • Assist the kitchen staff with the preparation of food when asked.
  • Assist other staff members in receiving deliveries of food and food-related products.
  • Report any misuse or breakage of company supplies.
  • Operate dishwashing machine to company and manufacturers specifications and keep it clean and always sanitized.
  • Assist kitchen staff in proper labeling and storage of food after each meal period and perform all shift change/closing duties

Dishwasher Skills:

  • Workers must be able to stand for long periods.
  • Must be able to work in an environment subject to extreme cold (as low as 30 degrees), extreme heat (temperatures exceeding 100 degrees), and loud noises from restaurant equipment and machinery, and fumes, odors, dust, and smoke.
  • Must be able to work weekends and holidays as needed.
  • Must be able to speak, read and understand English. Ability to speak Spanish is helpful but not a requirement.
  • Dishwashers will be expected to lift, load, and carry up to 50 pounds.
  • Must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent and be over 18 years of age
  • Must understand and carry out instructions while working together with other staff members and managers to provide a pleasant dining experience for our guests.
  • Must be able to know, understand, and adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Must be able to bend, kneel, stoop, reach and squat frequently to receive and store stock, supplies, and equipment, and work the line as needed during service periods.
  • Must have excellent teamwork skills and be able to communicate effectively and listen attentively to supervisors, other employees, vendors, suppliers, and other business representatives.

Dishwasher and Benefits

  • Top-notch Employee Training to help you achieve success in your role
  • Diverse Career Paths and the opportunity for promotion and continued development
  • Competitive Wages and Benefits provided based on experience, opportunities for earning additional pay increases are available
  • Paychecks weekly
  • Flexible Schedules are available (full or part-time)
  • Health, Vision, and Dental Benefits provided to employees starting on day 1
  • 401K with company matching provided for employees at 90 days
  • Vacation Time and Sick Leave hours can be earned through time worked
  • An employee discount of 35% off the restaurant and retail items and one free meal from a limited menu per employee per shift worked.

Recruiting for Dishwashers?

Staffing is Easy with Adia

In ensuring the safety and satisfaction of a restaurant’s guests, hiring qualified dishwashers is essential. Utilizing a dishwasher job description can help hiring managers find the best workers to take on the duties and responsibilities necessary to fulfill this role. Visit our blog for more information on restaurant recruitment and to see other job summary examples like Waiter and Waitress Job Descriptions.

And if you prefer to leave your hospitality staffing to the professionals, Adia can help. Adia is an on-demand staffing platform that connects employers with vetted workers that can meet the requirements of your role.

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