Customer Service Representative Job Description and Template

A customer service representative helps businesses maintain their customer base, by assisting customers with their needs and responding to customer inquiries in a way that positively represents their hiring brand. This job requires that customer service representatives know the ins and outs of their company and its products and services, so that they can help customers by answering questions and supporting the success of their organization. 

This customer service representative position is an important job for businesses, and therefore it is necessary to hire the right kind of people for the role. If you think you may need an individual to take on this job for your business, read on, as we will be sharing information on the vital roles and responsibilities of customer service representatives that keep hiring establishments running smoothly. 

What is a Customer Service Representative?

A customer service representative is the title of an individual who works to support their employing organization by providing information about the business and its products and services to customers. In addition, they work directly with these customers to answer their questions and handle complaints accurately and responsibly. 

When responding to customer service requests, representatives must also ensure that the rest of their organization is updated on any changes/developments as necessary. Therefore, customer service representatives should initiate required actions in response to customer requests, communicate relevant information to the appropriate internal business departments, and maintain order/customer information files.

Customer service representatives are important to businesses, as they are trained to represent their businesses in a positive light, to retain their businesses current customer base and draw in more clients. Therefore, these positions must be filled by well-suited confident individuals who are hard-working and dedicated to helping others and supporting the business’s success.

What You Should Include in the Customer Service Representative Job Description

To attract the right workers to apply for your customer service representative role, you need to provide the correct information on your job description. A well-written customer service representative job description should provide the reader with enough information to gain their interest in the role, while ensuring that only qualified applicants need apply.

The following sections will go over each of the vital parts of a job description that you should always include when seeking a worker to fill a customer service representative position. 

1. Job Summary

The job summary section of your customer service job description should include a general overview of the job. This will help your job description to capture the interest of your reader, and will enable the prospective applicants to figure out whether the position is for them straight away.

2. Responsibilities

Within the responsibilities section of your CSR job description, you will need to provide a more in-depth view of the customer service representative duties and responsibilities. Again, it is essential that this section contains a truthful representation of the role, as it will tell your reader what they should expect if they are hired. 

3. Skills and Qualifications

This next section is where you can list the important skills, qualifications, and qualities that you desire in a customer service representative employee. This section can also be split into two seperate lists of “required” and “desired” skills and qualifications, where you will place each one depending on whether you find it to be essential or not for the job. This way, you can avoid wasting workers and your organization’s time, by avoiding applications from unqualified individuals.

4. Salary and Benefits

The salary and benefits section of your customer service rep job description should entice your readers to work for your organization, based on the compensation they can expect to receive. Therefore, employers should always include all of the accurate information regarding salary and benefits when listing a job for a customer service representative. This should include any perks to the job, and any details that pertain to the role’s compensation package.

5. Company Overview

A reader who is interested in applying for your business’s customer service representative role will likely want to familiarize themselves with your organization. Therefore, using this section to provide some information about the company would be very beneficial to include in the job description. Including relevant information about your business, the job location, and your organization’s values can allow potential employees to understand how they would fit into the business and the company’s vision if hired.

Customer Service Representative Job Description – Template

Now, let’s consider some of the information that could likely be found on a customer service representative job description. The following template section is purpose-built for a customer service representative job description and contains information that should result in the right candidate. 

To use this template successfully, you can copy the information below and adjust it based on your organization’s and role’s unique attributes. 

Customer Service Representative Job Summary 

Our call center is now hiring a customer service representative to join our Philadelphia, PA team! We are looking for an energetic and positive individual to provide world-class service to our customers, and represent our organization with friendliness and sophistication. This role will require a worker with great communication and problem-solving skills to handle our company’s customer service duties like answering customer questions, providing customers with information, processing orders, and addressing customer needs. If you have a passion for customer service and think you would be a strong candidate for this role, please apply!

Customer Service Representative Responsibilities

Provide customer service support for our organization and valued customer base and perform other business-related tasks to provide back-up support for other work team members as assigned by management.

Accurately resolve and process customer complaints, concerns, returns, and invoices in a timely manner to ensure an excellent standard of service and a high level of customer satisfaction for our business.

Collaborate with various members of internal teams such as Supply Chain, Production, and Sales departments to appropriately handle situations that are impacting the customer.

Achieve and maintain rapport with customers through telephone calls, emails, or fax and cultivate strong customer relationships to provide excellent service and meet customer expectations.

Respond to customer requests for quotations, lead times, help with customer accounts, and other product/service information, and document information accordingly when managing customer complaints to maintain a record reflecting that proper corrective actions are taken.

Determine customer’s desires, interests and needs in each customer service interaction to effectively represent the product and upsell by offering additional products and services when appropriate.

Collaborates with the other departments to make sure that the requested order(s) are processed properly, and refers complaints of product or service failure to the appropriate department(s) for further investigation when necessary.

Use the call center company’s internal software system to obtain, analyze, and verify the accuracy of order information for customer purchase orders, and initiate corrective action as needed.

Handle all customer complaints and concerns by telephone calls regarding the verbal reporting of unsatisfactory results, product issues, service failures and other related duties to resolve problems and provide customer satisfaction.

Manage entered orders by ensuring that the correct codes and information are being applied to the correct accounts prior to final confirmation, and modifying quote statuses once orders have been placed to ensure visibility and uniformity amongst the sales team.


Customer Service Representative Required Skills 

Workers should have effective communication skills (both written and oral) and excellent customer service skills, and must be strong active listeners to serve the needs of our customer base.

Strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are required for this role, and workers must be comfortable with handling challenges in a fast-paced work environment.

Employees should be able to work along with other staff members in a team environment and practice strong communication that conveys a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences when speaking to both customers and other staff members.

Customer service representatives should have a strong attention to detail and be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide accurately and quickly using calculators and computer systems to satisfy customer needs and process orders.

All workers must be able to multitask, and be organized, efficient, and accurate in each of their work processes.

Customer Service Representative Qualifications

Employees must have a High School degree or equivalent education, be 18 years of age or older, and must be a U.S. citizen.

Applicants with prior customer service-related experience are preferred, but this is not a necessary qualification for this role.

Workers will be required to operate store technology, so those with strong computer skills and experience in Google Applications, Microsoft Office, and other software programs are preferred.

Applicants should be able to lift and move materials in the 10-50 pound range, to assist with our store operations.

This job requires the ability to work a flexible schedule of 40 hours a week that may include days, nights, weekends, holidays and other significant events.

Customer Service Representative Benefits

Our paid training program will teach new hires all of the skills necessary to allow them to become successful in your role.

Salary starting at $16 – $17 per hour rate (depending on experience), paid bi-weekly. 

This job has flexible hours with full-time schedule opportunities (hours vary by week).

Ability to earn paid time off (Please note, PTO Requests still have to be approved)

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance options are available for employees that average 30 or more hours per week during a designated 9 month measurement period.

Medical Reimbursement Indemnity Plan, Rx Savings Plus Discount Plan, Life insurance Plan, and short term and long term disability benefits are available to employees.

401(K) program available with up to 4% company match.

Enjoy great product and service discounts from our company.

Career Growth Opportunities and the ability to develop team building and problem-solving skills for the future


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To gain the interest of qualified workers for your customer service representative position, your CSR job description should provide information that accurately informs readers of your role, and attracts them to the prospect of joining your team. Therefore, you should follow the directions and use the template provided within this resource to see promising applicants for your customer service representative role. 

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