Curious What Holiday Jobs are out There?

The holidays are here. A lot is going on, like everywhere. There are holiday parties, grandma’s making steaming pots of tamales, the blinking lights, and then there are the people who go overboard on decorating their houses. (Clark Griswold, anyone?) Starbucks will be unveiling its new holiday cups, and we’ll definitely be hearing about the hot new toy over and over again.

The thing about the holidays is that money is always tight. People with stable full-time salaries feel the crunch, just like someone picking up shifts part-time. Companies, also feeling the crunch in a tight labor market, will be ready to take on as many folks as they can this holiday season. For the worker, this works out in their favor because thanks to the national and (depending on where you live) local unemployment rate being so low, companies will have to offer a significant hourly wage, along with worker flexibility. 

If you’re thinking about holiday work, there are a few places you can look to see what’s out there and available. Some places will be obvious, while others might surprise you. Kind of like…


Christmas Tree Workers

If you’re a live tree person, someone has to cut, haul, and sell those trees. The holiday season means a lot of trees will be sold from places that pop up on the side of the road to the significant operations at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Some people will have a Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, so there’s definitely a demand. If you’ve got a strong back, the ability to stand in the cold for hours, and can tie a tree to the top of a car, you’ll be able to find work. 



This one is obviously location dependent, but for most parts of the country, winter means snow. Which to some companies, they call it “white gold.” If you’ve got a truck, you’re already ahead of the game. If you’ve got a plow, you can pretty much print money. Businesses need their parking lots cleared at all times, and lots of private companies pop up every holiday season to keep the lots clear and to the tune of serious cash. It’s not all roses, though. If you’re going to plow snow, you’re at the behest of the weather. There will be long nights and probably some sleeping in the cab of your truck if there’s an anticipated snowfall. 


Delivery Driver + warehouses 

Not only just Amazon, but there will be a few different kinds of delivery trucks out on the road. USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Those trucks will need to get filled, and there will be a warehouse full of items moving everything at a much higher volume than usual. Amazon will be a big employer this time of year. 


Gig worker 

If you’re looking to make some cash but don’t want to commit to any one thing, you’ve got options. People will be bouncing around town, headed to and from holiday parties, so there’s always Lyft and Uber. If you’re looking to help out behind the bar, at black tie events, and seriously everything else that’s in between, we’re always looking for folks during the holiday rush. 



Probably the most obvious, all of the big box stores are going to need help come Turkey Day. Tons of people come through places like Walmart and Target, and there are a lot of jobs to fill from stocking shelves in the middle of the night to help guests find a pair of pants. Because the retail world is so demanding during the holidays, there’s a lot of opportunities to find work on your schedule. There are morning, middle, graveyard shifts, everything – the commotion never stops. 

Pro tip: don’t sleep on your local grocery store, either. They’re going to need seasonal help with all of those holiday parties, too. 


Seasonal Actors & photographers 

Someone’s gotta be Santa Claus, right? The same goes for elves who work at the mall, too. And who goes with Santa and his elves? There’s always a photographer snapping those precious moments of screaming children sitting on Ol’ Saint Nick’s lap. 


Customer Service Associate

When you buy things, stuff breaks, something is missing, or a user just can’t figure out how to make the new X-Box work. 

Companies need extra help during the holiday season. These seasonal employees may work on-site or remotely via phone to help customers. Most of these gigs are 24/7, so if you’re a night owl, this one may be perfect, plus if it’s remote, you won’t have to leave the house. 

This holiday season, there will be a lot of jobs, which one sounds right for you? 

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