Creatives Love Working for Themselves, But Why?

The creative brain works differently. It’s a fact that’s been proven over the years, time and time again. Creatives see and experience the world differently than someone who needs a lot of processes and rigidity, for many their world isn’t as structured, and if anything, the structure is the hardest part of every day for a creative. 

It’s not to say creatives don’t get things done, it’s just that a 9-5 office routine is hard for people who get inspired in the middle of the night, or who can’t get anything done in a week, but then suddenly get the burst of energy that changes everything. 

That’s why creatives are hard to keep in a box, but that’s also why creatives love working for themselves. If there’s anything, a writer, musician, painter loves it’s being their own boss, because no one can tell them when they create or how they do it. 

So, what are the reasons creatives love being in charge? It’s pretty simple, really. 

Flexibility is everything 

The creative mind does its own thing. When the notion strikes, writing that song or column can happen in the blink of an eye or after binge-watching Rick Steves Europe all day. Creatives don’t do well with structured hours or fixed schedules. Instead, when they want to work, they do.. This is also why creatives love the gig economy when they need to pick up a shift: it serves their purpose as a means to make money in between projects. 

They don’t love the structure 

Rarely does the creative class thrive on structure. Asking someone who writes to do so within the parameters of regular working hours will usually yield weak results. Instead, just let the creatives create, which is why putting someone who paints in a meeting is like pulling teeth. 

Creatives work at their own pace 

The dreaded deadline. Some creatives live and die by hard dates, while others see a timeline as a stake in the heart. This is also why some freelancers are more successful than others, it really all depends on the individual style. One of the reasons creatives lean toward working for themselves is that deadlines can be set on their schedules, but also if the work is something the creative wants to take on during that timeframe in the first place. While everything ultimately boils down to money, this one is a big reason for freelance creative workers to set the rules of engagement. 

They need space and alone time 

While yes, there’s a lot to learn from the team environment, the writer, graphic designer, an artist needs to do their thing on their own time and without people getting up in their mix. The collaborative portion of the product typically comes at the end, after a first draft or iteration is fleshed out. 

The mundane drives them nuts 

It seems obvious, but being a bank teller isn’t the world’s safest bet to find creatives hiding in plain sight. Creatives crave autonomy, to make their own choices, and to avoid the 9-5 office routine at all costs. This is why they become their own bosses, what the creative is always after is a fulfilling life that allows them to champion their art, but also work within the capacity to see their ideas through. 

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