Check Out These Quick Ways to Make Some Cash in Dallas

Dallas is home to one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. The entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is home to almost seven million people, totally the seventh-largest market in the country. With all of those people, there’s a lot of folks out there looking to make extra money. 

While there are certainly some places to learn the mystic arts of smoking brisket or wrenching on cars with the guys over at Gas Monkey Garage, there are side gigs ripe for the taking. Just depends on what you’re looking to do. 

We compiled a list of some of the best gigs in the area, the jobs folks can handle at night or on the weekends because let’s face it, Cowboys tickets are expensive. If you’re looking to fund your football addiction, we’ve come up with ways to make some cash to get those season tickets you’ve wanted forever – because ain’t it all for “Dem Boys?”

If you’re not a football fan that’s no big deal, working a side gig is an easy way to knock off credit card debt or just help buy the supplies for smoking your next brisket. Whatever way you make it, it’s always helpful to have a couple extra bucks in the bank.



Do you have a specialized skill? If you’ve got a teachable talent, there’s always a way to monetize it. From guitar lessons to speaking French or personal training, there are plenty of ways to make money either at home, from the coffee shop or at a local music store. If you’re in grad school, you can always tutor high school kids, as well. 



Like tutoring, but kinda different. If you have a specific skill-set, there are ways to take your every-day gig and branch it out into side money. If you’re a lawyer sharing legal advice or a business leader sharing tips on startup funding, there’s a market. Best of all, it’s entirely on your schedule. 

Pro tip: On the inverse, if you get involved with not-for-profit companies, you can claim your time during tax season. It’s not fast money, but you’re doing good for the world. 


Flip items online 

If you’re a collector looking to downsize, or love hitting garage sales on the weekend, there are a plethora of sites like OfferUp, eBay, Craigslist, and Gazelle for both buyers and sellers. Between vinyl, books, clothes, antiques, there are always people looking for specific things. Some folks have created whole careers off flipping items they find every week and selling them online immediately. 


Brand ambassador 

If you’re outgoing, good with people and like the nightlife, working with alcohol companies, sports teams, and even hotels could be an excellent way to make money on the weekend. The job requires a lot of Fridays and Saturday nights, and in some cases, hanging around the local liquor store or grocery store giving away samples. But, it’s a reliable way to make easy money if you’re good with meeting a lot of people in a short amount of time. 



Writers, graphic designers, anyone who works in a specialized craft can solicit clients through a variety of platforms like LinkedIn, Craigslist, Fiver, and Freelancer. And by tapping their own individual networks. Because so many startups are popping up everywhere, it’s a fantastic climate for developers to make side money by helping build apps, games, and all kinds of new ideas. There’s an entire business community who needs help out there. 


On-Demand staffing 

If switching gigs regularly sounds more fun than digging your heels into one area of focus sounds fun, why not try Dallas staffing? We’d love to have you join us in the Adia community. From working big events like Rolling Stones concerts to Dallas FC games, black tie events, warehouses, and everything in between, Adia workers have done all kinds of cool things. 


User testing

Companies are always working on their sites, checking out how user-friendly they are, if they’re easily navigable. There are sites like StartUpLift, Analysia, and User Testing that pay $10 a visit for users to give feedback on how the site looks and feels. Visiting 10-15 sites over a few days can add up to a Cowboys ticket real quick if you’re willing to give reliable feedback.


Make money with your vehicle 

There’s the obvious of Lyft and Uber, taking riders around town, but there are also sites that let you rent out your car for someone who needs it for the day. Apps like Getaround and Turo let you hand off the keys to drivers and the apps themselves even cover the insurance. Amazon Flex also is an option if spending time in your car is an ideal situation. 


Resume writing 

Most people are terrible at resumes. Even professional writers struggle with the style and format. If you’re adept at resume writing, you could have a very lucrative side business on your hands. Before you know it, you could have a pile of resume requests, it all depends on how much work you’d like to have and what you’re willing to charge for the service. 


Get crafty 

Do you have a knack for making cool art, getting people excited about your ideas, or wanted to start your own t-shirt company?  There are avenues for the creative mind. Thanks to Etsy, a whole world has opened up for niche markets, creators, and those who are always looking for exciting things to color their lives. It’s simple to open up an Etsy shop and get people excited about the stuff you’re making. And if you’re lucky, the shop could catch on and become a full-time gig. 


Yard Work

If you’re a roll up your sleeves kind of person, there’s always general labor, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, watering plants, and even planting gardens if you’ve got a green thumb. A lot of people can’t keep a cactus alive, so if you’ve got the gift, there’s a big market for people who need help when it comes to all things green and leafy. 


Start a moving service

Do you have a truck (this is IS Texas) and a trailer, and don’t mind putting your back into manual labor, you could start a moving service. If you set your prices moderately, you could make serious money on the weekends. People always need help hauling fridges or moving apartments, or just picking up a lawnmower. If you know how to put stuff together like the bed you just moved, that could be even more extra money. 

If you play your cards right, there’s cash to be made with the side hustle. And if you know anything about North Texas, they’ll always find a way to support their Cowboys, no matter what. Even if that means working at night, just as long as it’s not on a game day. 

If you liked this article, check out the rest of the Adia blog. There’s a little something for everyone. 

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