Change Up How Your HR Team Gets Stuff Done

Human Resources isn’t what people think it is. There’s a lot of nuances that goes with the job, there’s balancing personalities, finding solutions to common problems, handling paperwork, and that’s when there isn’t a problem employee to deal with. The world of HR most definitely isn’t just paperwork and giving people informational packets, it’s a lot more. HR managers are armed with more data than ever, which makes hiring choices a lot easier.

And just like everything else, technology has transformed the industry within the last few years. What once seemed impossible to tackle within a week, can now be handled with a swipe, or automated like the cellphone bill you never look at.

There are a lot of SaaS options as well as apps out there and depending what your needs are. We put together a list of some of the best apps for HR managers, which helps with everything from productivity tools, to performance review accelerators, and workforce management.


If you loathe doing payroll, Gusto is a big help. With a simple user interface, Gusto gets new users onboard within minutes because everything is self-guided. Gusto takes care of payroll, taxes, and all of the HR headaches that go along with making sure folks get paid on time.


If you’re in the world of a small to mid-size business, ScaleFactor is a game changer. Because Accounting can get super expensive, ScaleFactor’s software makes it a breeze to manage business finances. The software integrates with existing systems, banking and credit card accounts, HR system, and even contractors and vendors to automate monthly bookkeeping.


Deputy cuts the monotony out of the schedule: it takes care of timesheets, schedules, tasks, and communication. What’s that mean? No more spreadsheets. Plus, it’s designed with phone use in mind, so if you need to make changes on the fly, it’s simple with a few clicks.


If culture is a massive metric for the company, WorkStyle measures employee personality through psychometric tests, like DiSC assessment, the Big-5, and the Jungian Types test. After the scores are compiled, WorkStyle analyzes everything and offers solutions to problems, but also showcases the team strengths, and even further, the individual.


This free app allows HR managers to show high performers a little love when they’re crushing all of their work. There’s an option for thank you notes and data is trackable, so if someone is getting notes from multiple team members, it might be time to reward them with someone even better.


Employee engagement is a big conversation piece around a lot of offices. Engagedly lets HR managers see what employee performance looks like, but not just with raw data. Instead, it’s drilled down with feedback, reviews, goals and who are getting recognized for big wins. Managers can set all kinds of parameters to make sure the team is hitting a variety of goals.


We’ve gotta mention ourselves, right? We help HR find help both short term and long term solutions, and for whatever skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a warehouse, staffing a sporting event, or need help opening a new kitchen, we can help get you the support you need.


YouEarnedIt allows teams to set goals both for culture and how people opt-in for events, with one another. The platform rewards employees for their contributions, but also if they do things that are meaningful for the company’s values. The app works on a points system that rewards team members by taking a day to work for a Non-for-profit or giving blood. As the points accrue, YouEarnedIt has an ecosystem with over 30K vendors involved so teams can reward employees with anything from Amazon gift cards to a full-blown vacation to Hawaii.

If you liked this article, be sure to check out the rest of the Adia blog. We promise there’s a ton of interesting stuff for HR but plenty of other industries, too.

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