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Why Partner with Adia for Catering Staffing?

Changing employment trends and nationwide staffing shortages have left many organizations struggling, especially businesses in the hospitality industry. It can be incredibly challenging for catering companies to find hard-working staff members to fill their vacant positions. Unfortunately, the inability to maintain a team of suitable staff members can be even more detrimental to organizations within the hospitality industry, especially since hospitality businesses often depend on qualified workers to represent them in customer-facing positions.

Staffing in the catering niche requires business employers to maintain enough staff members to produce the work necessary to keep up with customer demand. Unfortunately, the ever-changing nature of the hospitality industry makes this no easy task. Furthermore, many catering company positions require workers with specific licenses, skills, or qualifications to follow workplace protocols that ensure the safety of their customers. Therefore, businesses must hire reliable workers who have the qualifications necessary to satisfy their valued hospitality clients.

Unfortunately, staffing shortages in the hospitality industry have led many businesses to fail from the inability to receive their required employee support. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, using Adia’s on-demand staffing platform can help. Adia is a resource that many employers have used to find and retain responsible, qualified, and hard-working employees for their catering company teams. Read on to discover why you haven’t found success with your current staffing model and to learn how Adia’s staffing platform can help you maintain quality staff for events and other catering opportunities.

Your Current Catering Staffing Model is Inefficient

If you have difficulty finding and keeping catering staff members for your catering business, you are likely using an inefficient, outdated staffing model. But companies can’t rely on inadequate staffing models and survive with today’s onboarding trends.

Inefficient staffing models can cause businesses to become short-staffed and suffer from their inability to maintain catering staff. Additionally, unsatisfactory staffing efforts can waste your organization’s time, effort, and overhead costs. So face it – it’s time to leave the piles of unpromising applications, long-winded resumes, and back-and-forth correspondence in the past.

A popular method for catering businesses seeking new staff members is using agencies. Turning to the help of a catering recruitment agency, restaurant staffing agency, or hospitality recruitment agency may effectively solve your issues… in time. Unfortunately, agencies often take days, weeks, or longer to find and supply temporary employment for your needs. However, Adia is more than just a regular catering temp agency. The Adia on-demand staffing platform offers a fast and unique approach to hiring and onboarding, which is unlike other hospitality staffing or banquet servers jobs solutions.

You Want to Future-Proof Your Business

Adia matches employers with qualified workers and can help you find local job seekers for your open positions when you need them!

Life is filled with twists and turns, and being unprepared could cause the downfall of your business. If unstable staffing trends have taught us anything, it is that access to staff members is essential to hospitality businesses. Fortunately, you can future-proof your business by preparing ahead of time for adverse events like staff shortages and other unforeseen circumstances.

The Adia on-demand staffing system makes it easy to search our database of pre-vetted workers based on the qualities you desire so that you can build your ideal catering business work team fast. And if you find yourself facing last-minute call-outs or just need an extra hand, Adia’s on-demand staffing is the way to go. So whether you are looking for hotel staffing, resort onboarding, or event staff workers, the Adia system has got you covered.

Vetted Catering Staff, Ready Now

For businesses to survive, employers need to take measures to ensure that they are supported by a team of highly-qualified and reliable workers. However, recent times of uncertainty have shown us that many employers are unprepared for many adverse events, including staffing shortages. After all, the Great Resignation has severely impacted many businesses within the United States, and staffing shortages have become a common occurrence as a result. With fewer workers available to fill their open work positions, many organization employers feel that they have been left with no choice but to resort to carrying out their business operations with understaffed work teams.

Nobody likes to work during shifts where the team is short-staffed. Being forced to pick up extra slack and take on more work can be a headache for your employees, resulting in decreased morale and increased stress. But understaffing can have even more detrimental effects on an organization’s workforce in addition to these unfavorable work conditions. Unfortunately, failure to maintain a proper team of qualified staff members often means businesses are less likely to succeed. Job teams that are made up of under-qualified workers or lack access to available staff members may not have the working capacity required to carry out their business services properly. This situation can leave them unable to satisfy their clientele, resulting in profit loss and even business failure.

With the Great Resignation making it challenging to secure well-qualified workers to fill jobs at a moment’s notice, preparing for adverse events that may lead to staffing shortages is necessary. Luckily, Adia has an entire workforce of hard-working job-seekers ready for you right now! When you join Adia as an employer, you will gain 24/7 access to our portal of pre-vetted and qualified workers. Employers who conduct staffing with Adia no longer need to fret about unforeseen circumstances that may throw a wrench in their staffing plans, as the system ensures that they will be able to find and hire workers for their businesses fast! If you find your team short-staffed or learn of a last-minute cancellation, you can use the Adia on-demand platform, search through the profiles of eligible talent, and find the help you require – it’s that easy!

Streamline Event Workforce Planning

Why deal with multiple Event staffing agencies when you can manage your workforce all in one place? It only takes a few minutes to set up a roster full of vetted, qualified workers with Adia. Enjoy full transparency and control from your dedicated client portal, anytime, anywhere. We also offer peerless reliability with our staffing solutions—our technology reduces no-shows by 50% compared to traditional staffing.

Maximize Efficiency

Seasonal fluctuations in demand and changes in customer behavior—a challenge businesses know all too well. With Adia’s Event staffing on your side, however, that challenge doesn’t stand a chance. Hire pre-screened Event staff only when you need them, without the constant cycle of onboarding and offboarding. We’ll only match you with motivated, experienced professionals who can get the job done right.

Minimize Overhead

You want Event staff to boost your bottom line, not inflate your operating costs (and risk). That’s why our Event staffing services include taking HR and the back office off your plate. Every Adia worker in the nation has a W-2 on file with us, which means we cover payroll, benefits, workers comp, background checks, liabilities, and much more.

When You Partner With Adia for Catering Staffing, You’re In Good Company

Adia’s on-demand staffing platform is a trusted on-demand staffing resource for thousands of businesses far and wide.

Adia’s on-demand staffing proudly serves a variety of organizations within the warehousing, manufacturing, retail, production, and hospitality industries. Adia provides temp agency Chicago solutions, but that’s not all. We also provide staffing services for businesses and workers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and other cities across the United States!

Many trusted hotel chains, resort establishments, food service companies, and other hospitality businesses and organizations, both large and small, have relied on Adia’s system to match them with hard-working, qualified staff members and fill their open positions fast.

Book Vetted Catering Staff In Seconds

You read that right – all of the job seekers on Adia’s staffing platform are vetted through our system. This way, you can trust that when you find someone through Adia, the system will match you with a hard-working individual who can get the job done right!

Not only is Adia’s on-demand staffing platform trustworthy, but it’s quick and straightforward as well. Employers can sign up today to gain 24-hour access to our pool of vetted workers. View the comprehensive worker profiles of hospitality industry job seekers who are ready for hire, and within minutes you can create a roster of qualified workers that are ready for employment.

Our staffing model is on-demand, meaning that we can help you find staff members to support your business when you need it and reduce your overhead costs. Our workers can be hired in permanent or temporary positions. Then, once you have found the right worker, you can schedule them right away to fulfill your staffing needs!

View Work History and Qualifications

Employers who hire workers through Adia can feel confident in their decisions, as the staffing platform lets them view each worker’s past employment history and qualifications.

No longer will you need to waste time searching through unqualified applicants in hopes of finding a qualified candidate. Instead, the Adia on-demand staffing platform makes it easy for business employers to assess the worker profiles and find reliable employees who are capable of handling their work tasks.

All workers accessed through Adia are pre-screened for their qualifications, skills, and eligibility to work, and each member of our workforce comes with a valid W-2 on file. Adia even conducts background investigations for staff available on our platform, so you don’t have to.


By providing the resources necessary to assess and connect with workers, we empower employers to build the workforce team of their dreams!

Approve Timesheets and Rate Workers

Once you find the best worker for your temporary or long-term catering position, Adia’s system makes it easy to manage your employees through the staffing portal!

Every worker within the nation that you connect with through Adia is a full-time W2 employee. Therefore, Adia covers all payroll, workers comp, benefits, background checks, liabilities, and more!

The Adia staffing system handles all HR, onboarding, and back office tasks for employing users. As a result, this can reduce operating costs for users and save their HR and recruitment teams time and effort to spend on more critical tasks. Employers can even approve timesheets for their temporary or permanent staff members through the user-friendly platform, which provides 24/7 transparency and management over your Adia workforce. With just a few button clicks, this platform feature means you can view staff timesheets, make staff edits, and approve staff schedules.


Adia takes steps to ensure that employers are satisfied with the performance of the workers hired through the staffing platform. One way we do this is by giving each of our users a voice by letting them rate their hospitality workers and leave feedback on their performance. Leaving feedback and rating employees helps Adia and its users maintain a robust rating system so that all users can benefit from this transparency when choosing high-quality workers to fill their open positions.

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